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US (contiguous) population density map
19th century Ottoman map of the Americas
Sand from the Sahara and places as far as Iraq frequently reaches the Americas, reaching as far as Texas
Population density in Hawaii
Population density in Europe
Japan population density
The Western Balkans - time spent under Ottoman control (in years)
Precipitation in Europe vs London
Population density from Hanoi to Seoul
Population density in the Middle East
Population density in India
Population density in Mexico, Cuba and surrounding countries
Population density in South America
Population density in Australia
Population density of the world
1928 map of the USSR
Antipodes of each point on Earth's surface
Distribution of early Byzantine items and contemporary imitations found outside of the boundaries of the mid-sixth-century empire of Justinian (c. 565 AD).
Population density in Taiwan
The Danube basin
A map of over 150,000 identified WWII deaths in Serbia (by place of origin).
Population density in Southeast Asia
Population density in Alaska
Language map of the Caucasus
Map of New Serbia, a province that shortly existed in the 18th century on the territory of modern-day Ukraine
Daytime vs residential population density of SE England
Percentage of respondents who said they can't afford one week of holiday away from home, annually (2017 data)
If you exclude Russia, Serbia is Europe's largest receiver of Chinese FDI with $8.5 billion worth projects. Most of these investments are loans.
"Hunger map" of Europe just after WW1. Made in the U.S. for the purposes of their relief effort.
Settlements in Serbia with less than 100 inhabitants (2011 census data, translation in comments)
Number of senior citizens (ages 60 and up) per available hospital bed in 2017
Total US vs total Russian arms exports (2007-2017)
Population density in Africa
Population of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia by religion, 1931
NYC Health Dept has published data on covid-19 death rate by zip code.
best photos you will ever see
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boat parts and history
marine life photography