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Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana (Image taken: 06/10/2016)
The Ferraris cards (Cartes de Ferraris) are a collection of 275 highly detailed topographic maps of the Austrian Netherlands. They were established between 1771 and 1778 under the leadership of Joseph de Ferraris, general of the Austrian artillery. Check link to zoom :D
Hidden Ford testing track @,5.3169128,3751m/data=!3m1!1e3
Google Maps vs PROBA-V > Mokpo, South Korea, 21/03/2017. Image created by PROBA-V satellite. (The 100 m image of 6 October 2016 shows Mokpo in the lower-right image part as a blue-grey area located at the Yeonsang River estuary.Exact location >
Europe population projection to 2081. Handmade GIF bases on data Eurostat (European Statistical Office). Details for each country on
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