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Austrian Empire 1815-1848
Welt-Karte Der Mission
The distribution of the human race (1851)
Hapsburg Monarchy (Later Austrian Empire) Territorial Changes 1648-1795 (Excluding Italian Possessions and the Austrian Netherlands)
Where palm trees are found in the United States
Bears in Europe
Three Faces of Europe 20th Century
D-day 75th anniversary, a map showing the distribution and casualties of allied forces
Territorial Changes of Iran the 19th and the 20th Centuries
European Countries by hourly minimum wage in 2018
Diabetes Rates in America, 2013
Ethnic Map of the Caucuses according to the 1897 Russian empire census
South America
Size of Somalia, with statistics
Hellenism in the Near East — A map showing greek populated regions in early 20th century By Professor George Soteriadis
Ostsiedlung — German colonization of the east
Obesity Rates in America
Languages in Myanmar/Burma 2015
Diabetes Prevalence in the US 2013
US Sex Ratio by County 2017
Ethnic Armenians in Nakhchivan, Present Day Azerbaijan, 1886-1890 compared to 2018
Africa 1944 Atlas of Global Geography
Map of turkey if the treaty of Serves was implemented
The British Empire Throughout the World on Mercators Projection
Objectives of the Entente According to the Secret Treaties
Obesity Prevalence in the US 2013
Jewish Land Ownerships in Mandate of Palestine, 1945, overlaying on top of the 1948 UN partition border and 1949 Armistice line
Demographics of the Polish Kresy according to the 1931 Polish census, Note that the census only asked for languages not nationality
Rough sketch map of the Bechuanaland Protectorate shewing land reserved for natives
The distribution of the human race (1851)
A map of white people in south africa 1910
Borders of Ex Bantustans overlaid on top of the 2001 Population density map of South Africa
The Greek occupation zone of Smyrna according to the treaty of Serves 1920, on top of a map depicting Greek population in western Anatolia prior to WW1
Found this interesting map, It just shows how mixed the UK is
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography