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America’s GDP split geographically, 50-50
2,066 Americans were asked to point out Ukraine on a map
Europe According to Culinary Horror (2013)
Countries that grant citizenship to anyone born within their borders
Largest Source of Immigration in Each State (ex-Mexico)
Map of World Billionaires by Country and Origin
How do I...
World population split in half
A Map of Africa if it had never been Colonized by Europeans
How to piss off everyone in Europe
European Languages according to the Dutch
"Why Does ..."
Change in favorable view of US from 2015-2016 to 2017
The world's most valuable brands 2017 by country
US Legal Immigration History 1820-2009
Map of Lynchings in the US(1835-1964)
Period of Construction of buildings in Paris
Probable and possible itineraries the disciples of Jesus went on
What Does Each State Have More Of Than Any Other
Democracy Index
The Racial Dot Map: One Dot Per Person for the Entire U.S
Where Do US Military Recruits Come From?
Monarchies of the world
Places visited by characters from The Simpsons
Travel time to major cities: A global map of Accessibility
Regional Trade Blocs
Seven Languages Which Cumulatively Enjoy Official Status Across 75% of the World's Land Area
US B visa refusal rate
Poverty in the United States
Total expenditure on healthcare as a percentage of GDP
US states by date of statehood
The world divided into three based on wealth
US fast food map
The most commonly used languages around the world, sourced from one of the largest chat services on the internet
Average US internet connection speed(Mbps)
Active KKK groups in the US
Most popular show on Netflix by country
Country codes of the world
UN peacekeeping force contributors
Human skin color map
Map of physics
Active Separatist Movements in North America
The world by income 2017
The Middle East compared to contiguous US
Rates of travel 1800-1930
India-Pakistan border at nighttime
U.S electricity generation by source
Countries with a higher GDP than what Apple Inc. made in 2016
Language diversity measured around the world
Prevalence of Female Genital Cutting
The differences in how Americans say things (Album in comments)
Comparison of every map from Assassin's creed games
America's Attitude Towards Global Warming
Bloomberg’s Health-Care Efficiency Index
LGBT Adult Percentage by State
High Speed Railroad Map of the United States
World Map of Economic Growth
Remittance Flows Worldwide in 2015
Active KKK groups by state
Turkish Airlines Destinations (airline with most countries served)
Map of the world by geotagged tweets in different languages
Map of North America by geotagged tweets
The Geography of Inter generational Mobility
Male Circumcision Prevalence by Country
Top operating systems per country
Human Freedom Index 2016
American Diaspora
Perceived Greatest Threats Around the World
Net neutrality around the world
Intentional Homicide Rate per 100,000 people
Number of Stack Overflow users per city
Map of mathematics
100 richest (red) vs. 100 poorest (blue) counties in the US by per capita personal income
US corporations worth more than the entire stock markets of other countries
Minimum Drinking Age in India
Biodiversity Hotspots
Map of India by Wikipedia english articles
Connectivity Atlas - all human-made transportation, communication, and energy infrastructure on a single map
Bridges in the US in need of repair
Spaghetti Junction, Birmingham
Geographic squares that have a GDP of $100 billion or more
Anti-Black tweets by state(June 2014 to December 2015)
Six Scenarios for an Axis Invasion of America(Album in comments)
Foreign-born residents of the US by country of birth
Silicon Valley
US states by GDP per capita (Nominal), and their nearest Country equivalent.
The countries with the same annual energy consumption as each US state
Lung cancer mortality rate per 100,000
Average Internet connection speed 2017
Map of subscriber count of national subreddits (30/06/2017)
Number of active hate groups per 1 million residents
The last time each European country was occupied
Top choice for world's leading economic power
US crime rates by county in 2014
Culinary map of​ India
Most Googled car or truck in every state
World map of arable land, percentage by country
Global Prevalence of Consanguineous marriages
Most desired destination to immigrate
Google search volume for the N-word
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