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Canadian territory of Nunavut
French Mandate of Syria and Lebanon (1920-1936)
The Ancylus Lake
Botswana - The Pacified South
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Armenia - The first Christian nation
The Republic of Estonia
Germanic tribes around 50 AD
Arab Federation of 1958
Transparent flagmap of Southern Africa (de-jure)
Growth of Japanese Empire
Polish minority in Belarus
Transparent Flagmap of modern Europe (de-jure)
Map of Niue
2001 insurgency in the Republic of Macedonia
Independent Yakutia
Lebanon with oil and gas fields
Vilayet of Bosnia (1909)
Republic of Tajikistan
Borneo under Axis occupation (alternate)
Atlas-like map of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Vatican City
Distribution of Germans in central europe (1892)
Republic of Angola
Map of Modern Poland
Kingdom of Belgium
Czechoslovakia - The combined Nations
People's Republic of Bangladesh
Canadian territory of Nunavut
North Macedonia: Political and ethnographic
Second German Empire
Africa under colonial rule, 1905
Australian Civil War and Aborigine Revolution
Republic of Namibia
Simplified political map of Mali
The Chechen Republic
Union of Syrian Socialist Republics
The English Kings of Borneo
Puerto Rico
Second German Empire
Netherlands New Guinea
Congo - Bygone days and Modernity
Hinduism in Europe and Turkey
Laos People's Democratic Republic
Qajar Iran
Kingdom of Jordan
Federative Republic of Greenland
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Republic of South Africa
Republic of Abkhazia
Pan-Germanic map wallpaper
Halachic republic of Judea
Kumarikkandam - A continent of rivalries
Judaism in Europe and Turkey (according to Israeli Law of Return)
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography