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LATEST UPDATE: Distribution of known cases of the new Coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China
The World in 1450
The Khanate of Sibir (Siberia) — the northernmost Muslim state in recorded history
Regions where the majority use agglutinative languages in Asia
Socialist Republic of East Turkistan (1944-1949) backed by the Soviet Union
Countries with troops in Afghanistan
Branches of Turkic languages where they're a majority or where they're concentrated in
Gender ratio in children
Christian population in Asia by percentages.
Village with Kurdish population by percentages in Iran
Provinces that ends with stan
Dissolution of Saudi Arabia (A wet dream for those who wants to see Saudi royal family loses power)
Suffix endings by counties in the UK
Head of state's derived first names
Number of mosques by provinces in China + Hong Kong and Taiwan. Data from 2015.
All Ottoman Sultans location of birthplace in modern day Turkey + Bulgaria + Greece
Muslim population by percentages in Asia
Number of Muslims by provinces (Incomplete due to lack of information)
Jewish population in Poland in 1931
Nations where Muslims/Christians constitute less than 1% of the population
Percentages of Turkic people by regions
Main slave trade routes in Medieval Age.
Earth's climates at the end of the 21th century
Javanese population percentages by provinces in Indonesia
Burkino Faso: Travel advisory maps comparison.
Islamic Republic of East Turkistan that lasted for less than 1 year. (1933-1934)
If East Turkestan or Uyghurstan achieve the impossible by getting Independence from China
China - average annual percentage of pregnancies aborted
All countries named after a person (Info in comment)
East Eurasian ancestry in various Turkic populations
Percentages of Saudi citizen by region (2010 census)
A UN document that shows the Arab-Jewish distribution in each sub-district in Mandate Palestine in 1946
The Hashemite Kingdom of Arabia
Religion in the Philippines in the late 1800s
All 779 Guantanamo Bay Prisoner's country of origin
List of current governor of province's derived first names
Azerbaijan’s territorial claims at the Paris Peace Conference 1918
Regions where the majority use agglutinative language in Europe
Myanmar ethnic conflict. (Bamar the dominant ethnic of this country is excluded)
(UPDATED) Branches of Turkic languages where they're a majority or where they're concentrated in Asia
Yemen conflict map as of October 2019
Geographic Distribution of Japanese Encephalitis Virus
Syrian refugees in Turkey
Sultanate of Maguindanao - the farthest southeast Muslim state in recorded history.
Number of mosques by province in Turkey (2017)
Largest ethnic Muslims in the populations of Russia's regions + including Crimea
Bride Kidnapping as a customary practice
Muslim population in zones in Ethiopia by percentages
Middle East: Primary Cultural and Historical Zones
Flag of provinces and territories in Turkey
Percentages of Crimean Tatar in Crimea in. 1939
Branches of Turkic languages where they're a majority or where they're concentrated in Europe
Predominant Sunni areas in Iran
Religions in Egypt
Ethnicity vs Per Capita GDP in Xinjiang, the far western province of China.
FGM prevalence by regions in percentages
Number of people per Mosques by province in Turkey
Tourism map of Turkey by international tourist arrivals in 2018
Distribution of Hui Muslims in China - One red dot per 1000 Hui Muslims
Number of Wins in Champion League All Continents
Shia Islam and oil in the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf
Religion and Ethnicity in the Basilan Island
Countries with 'Eskimo Kiss' (Nose kiss or rub) as a traditional way of greeting
Ethnic groups in Afghanistan
Ethnic groups who adhere to Islam in Southern Philippines
Major ethnic groups who adhere to Islam in the island of Java, Indonesia
Percentages of Malays in Southern Thailand
A map of Poland showing that about a third of the country is effectively an “LGBT-free” zone.
A map of Italy set in the future after some continual theoretical political and economic crisis have lead to majority support in the North for Secession from Italy itself.
What if this map came true on the year 2066? Would you happy if this future map came?
"Deal Of The Century" by Trump's proposed peace plan
Top 5 countries of 6 different religions by largest population
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography