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Countries of the Americas by 2nd largest foreign nationality
American countries by largest foreign nationality
Latin American countries by largest foreign nationality in 2005
Stereotypes of Brazilian states according to Brazilians
South American Countries by Political Ideology of Leader's party
Political position of Latin American countries in 2019
Top exports by Brazilian states
Latin American countries by 2nd largest nationality in 2005
Height of leaders by European Countries, 2019
Venomous animal accident records in Brazil (2007 to 2017)
European countries by largest foreign nationality
How Brazil used its land (1985 to 2017)
Largest traffic accidents by Brazilian states in 2018
Brazilian state governors by party ideology 2010-2018
Most searched languages by Brazilian states
Top export Latin American products to China and USA
Homicide rates in Latin America and the Caribbean, 2018.
Google Iberian Peninsula: " is ..." in Latin America
Height of leaders by American Countries, January 2019.
Mining and Oil zones in Amazon Rainforest
Top exports: Brazil and Argentina (96% of Mercosur trade bloc)
How land is used in the Amazon rainforest since 1985
Foreign vs Brazilian perception of Brazil (OC)
Travel Advisory, According to the Government of Brazil
Americas governments by political leaning
Americas governments by political leaning 2009-2019
How Brazil used its lands (1985 to 2017)
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography