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Topography of Afghanistan - world's 7th most elevated country
Which countries will double their population by 2050?
Each coloured area is 1/4 of Canada's population
Is your country richer or poorer than Russia?
Largest Christian denomination per country (OC)
Black % in the Americas
% chance of white Christmas in Europe
For a few days in December 1991, this was the Soviet Union
USA and Canada by Slavic population
Evolution of Spotify availability (OC)
Knowledge of French in Canada
Who thinks their country is the best in the world?
Is your country more developed than Ukraine? 1990 vs. 2018
Countries with subreddit subscribers
Christianity in the world
Renewable energy in the USA and Canada
%Chance of a white Christmas in Europe
Politics aside, someone needs to fix up that bordergore in Kyrgyzstan
Largest Christian denomination per country (OC / UPDATED)
% who say they would be willing to accept Jews as members of their family
1918 hunger map of Europe
Etymology of Christmas in European languages
Does your country live longer than the USA?
Christianity in the world
Population change in former Soviet Union from 1989 to 2019
GOOGLE.RU - Why is ...
Slavic majority and Slavic minority countries
Global Fertility Rate
Africa if the active separatist movements succeeded
%Chance of a white Christmas in Canada
Lactose tolerance map (higher = more lactose tolerance)
2019 Canadian federal election results map
The most popular sport in every country (2006)
Second largest religious belief of each country
Largest ethnicities of Canada, without "Canadian"!
Confidence in Merkel, Macron, Orbán, and Putin
The Korean diaspora
Human Development in the Sahel (and surrounding areas) (OC)
Renewable energy, % of electricity consumption
Kazakh % in Kazakhstan
Subnational Human Development Index, Central Asia
Etymology of the bird "turkey" in European languages
Muslims in Russia (OC)
Global Migration Rates (2010-2015)
Human development of central Asia (1990-2017)
Foreign-born population in Canada
Potato production per capita! 🥔
Largest ethnicities of Canada and USA
2018 HDI Report - Worldwide Map (Wikipedia version) (OC)
% loss in Human Development Index score when adjusted for inequality (OC)
Is your country/territory richer than Kazakhstan? (GDP per capita , World Bank/CIA 2017) (OC)
Brazilians in the world
Canada vs USA - Speaking a language other than English at home
The Korean Diaspora (2017!)
Income Inequality (World Bank Gini coefficient) (OC)
Second largest religious belief of each country (OC)
Former USSR GDP (PPP) per capita
% in Europe who agree it is important to speak the national language to truly share their national identity
World Tourist Arrivals 2017
% of country living in capital
Sex ratio of regions in Europe
Ease of doing business 2020
Democracy Index 2006-2018
Approval of US leadership in Europe from 2007 to 2018
Population density of Russia by district
How many people around the world are internet users? (2017)
Atheists in Russia
Projected demographic increases and decreases, 2019-2100
EF English Proficiency Index 2019
Model of modern-day Astana, capital of Kazakhstan
Coronavirus testing per capita
Countries by 2016-2017 HDI increases/decreases (OC)
Indigenous people in America & Canada
The Korean diaspora
How many years less do men live than women?
Is your country richer or poorer than China?
Monthly bill for electricity in Canada
Fertility rate in China
Toronto racial dot map (2011)
Life expectancy at birth in 2019
Human Development Index score changes 2017 - 2018
Prevalence of child marriage
Historic probablity (%) of a white Christmas in Canada and the USA (green is under 5%)
Ethnic Russians in southern Russia
Russians in Kyrgyz Oblasts and Shaars (OC)
2017-2050 Population Growth Rate% (medium-fertility) (OC)
Size of Central Asia
Average Yearly Temperature, 1961-1990 (OC)
Countries with abortion legal on request ("on demand")
Urban population in Africa (2018)
Worldwide Internet connectivity, 2000-2017
Uighurs in Xinjiang, China
US leadership approval in Europe, 2018
The largest threat in 38 countries (2017)
Most Desired Immigrant Destinations (2009)
GDP growth in 2020 (IMF projections)
Map of countries by median years of schooling (OC) (Feedback appreciated)
Human Development Index 1990-2017 (OC)
Countries by % immigrant population (2015)
Russian Orthodox % in Russia
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography