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Almost nobody lives here in The Netherlands
How old are the Dutch? Average age per municipality
Het verloren rijk van Oranje, een kaart van Nederland in de stijl van Lord of the Rings
Where the Dutch live, a dot for every inhabitant of the Netherlands
Can you guess the countries based on their lakes?
Trade intensity between the UK and EU countries
This animation shows a rotation of the Earth around the Greenwich meridian, this shows how map projections can distort areas (Equirectangular projection)
Lowest temperature records in Europe, by country
The largest lake of each EU country at scale.
Country vs. city, comparing road networks at the same geographical scale: Switzerland vs. Los Angeles
Average age per American state
Game of trumps: What if the Latin kingdoms build "the wall" to keep out the NightKing?
How Green are the largest cities of the Netherlands? Showing the percentage of green space within the built-up area
A different perspective. How the world would look with the North Pole located in the Pacific and the South pole in the Atlantic ocean
Military spending by NATO members (2018)
Part 2 of our geoquiz. Can you guess the countries based on their lakes?
Red and orange areas have equal populations
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography