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Potential EU leaving names
How long is Chile?
Largest religion by district in India, 2011 census
Who do Europeans joke about most?
Bible Belts of Europe
What children in the UK call the popular playground-chasing game
Countries which have practiced Tricameralism
Half of Europe's Jews live in the red areas
EU: Would you feel comfortable if your child was in a relationship with ___?
How much do world leaders earn?
How many years ago did a country in Europe have a replacement level fertility rate?
Where the majority of South Africa's minorities live
Unemployment rates in Europe - May 2017
Percentage of Europeans that feel safe walking home at night
Europeans in Africa in 1960 vs. today
Map of the proposed "CANZUK" organisation
Predicted change in population of countries in Europe (2016-2050)
Countries which have switched driving direction
Heads of government by highest completed educational attainment
British vs. American spelling conventions around the world
Change in corruption in Europe 2010-2016
Change in fertility rate in Africa 1990-2015
Same-sex union laws in the Channel Islands
Fertility rates of Nigeria by state
Whites-only settlements of South Africa (active and inactive)
Language of instruction for South African universities
Same-sex union laws in the Channel Islands
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