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This town named Redditt in North-western Ontario
General Chart of Terra Australis or Australia by Matthew Flinders
1992 Hannover map found sealed in a bookstore in São Paulo, Brazil
Transamerica - An Abstract Map Collage by Matthew Cusick
Straightened Great Circle track from Tokyo to Sao Paulo
Satellite Images of Lake Kariba in Zambia and Zimbabwe during the dry and rainy seasons
The population density of the municipality of São Paulo, Brazil; both colored areas have the same population.
Forests (green) and Woodlands (red) of Mongolia
The same amount of people in Brazil live in the highlighted areas | Great São Paulo Area Comparison
1665 Map of Luanda by the Dutch Cartographer Johannes Vingboons
Largest Ancestry Group in São Paulo state, Brazil
Countries with economy larger than São Paulo state
São Paulo City (and arounds) through time
1873 Bancroft's Map of California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona
On August 25th, 1875 Captain Matthew Webb became the first person to swim across the English Channel. Here is a map of his route.
Traditional São Paulo food map
The Province of São Paulo, 1886 (in the former Brazilian Empire). Source: Library of of Congress
French Guiana - forests (green) and other woodlands (red)
Canada provinces 1867-1870
An 1896 map showing the regional divide on the debate between support for the gold standard and the populist Free Silver Movement. Produced by Topeka printer C. B. Hamilton.
1863 Dispatch Atlas Map of Delhi, India - Geographicus - Delhi-dispatch-1867
Drainage basin of the Zambezi river
The Mali Empire at the end of Mansa Musa's Reign (1337 CE) - Map by Gabriel Moss
Mansa Musa
São Paulo metro
Catalan Atlas, 1375 (Iberian Peninsula and NW Africa). Shortly after the death of Ibn Battuta. Mansa Musa is shown sitting on a throne with gold accessories.
Forests (green) and Woodlands (red) of Bolivia
Chamba Kangra Bilaspur Mandi Kulu 1911
Ethnicity vs Per Capita GDP in Xinjiang, the far western province of China.
São Paulo-Brasil
Urban Nature Amsterdam Map - by Urban Good. A map of all the green and blue open space in the city and surrounds. Parks, woodlands, wetlands, cemeteries, allotments, epic walks, cycle nodes, beaches, green roofs, playgrounds, and more. Available from www.urbangood.org as a folded map or flat poster.
Chinese Warlord Era in 1924 © 1999 Matthew White
Global Variations of Matthew
Climate of São Paulo state, brazil (Köppen-Geiser)
LivingstoneMacleod electoral district 2010
LivingstoneMacleod in Alberta
Catalan Atlas BNF Sheet 6 Mansa Musa
Topeka 1869
Cidade de Batatais - Estado de São Paulo - Brasil
Countries with lower GDP than São Paulo city
Land Between the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers (1896)
Looking for your help in building a pizza route from Baltimore (start at Matthew’s) to Boston (end at Regina’s) with stops in New Haven (Pepe’s, Sally’s, Modern). Suggestions please.
LivingstoneMacleod in Calgary
J.W. Scheffelaar (1859) Kaart van de afdeeling Chama, kust van Guinea
Topeka, Kansas 1955 Yellow Book
All the light blue interior region have the same population as the brazilian coastal cities, that also equalizes the São Paulo population
Vegetation map of Zambia (1970)
Plan and view of the pontoon bridge over the Ganges Benares by James Prinsep 1823
India, 1950 no labels, Divisions of India and Pakistan, 1950
La Chimba - Plan de la Ville de Santiago
Planta da cidade de São Paulo, 1810
Bronx, Topographical Map Sheet 01; (Map bounded by Morris St., Livingstone Ave., Hamilton Ave., Broadway, Highland Ave., Park Hill Ave., Tibbet's Brook; Including Lawrence St., New York Boston NYPL1712703
Planta da cidade de São Paulo, 1841
Bancroft's Works History of the Northwest Coast vol 1 (1884) (14764618305)
Queens, Vol. 2, Double Page Plate No. 46; Part of Ward Two Newtown; (Map bounded by Meteor St., Livingstone St., Kelvin St., Jewel St., Ibis St., Harvest St., Gown St., Fife St., Euclid St., NYPL1693939
Queens, Vol. 2, Double Page Plate No. 47; Part of Ward Two Newtown; (Map bounded by north Hempstead Plank Road, Livingstone St; Including Hoffman Boulevard, White Pot Road, Astoria Road) NYPL1693940
This part of the North-Western U.S. is bigger than Japan but has less than 1% of Japan's population.
RACIAL MAP OF SÃO PAULO METRO AREA, BRAZIL (Branco/White, Pardo/Mixed, Preto/Black, Amarelo/East Asian, Indígena/Native American).
Forests (green) and other woodlands (red) of Belize
6 ways to divide São Paulo state (Brazil)
São Paulo suburbs, 1930-2017
Brazil's largest metro area, the Greater São Paulo Region, has almost the same population as the 11 smallest Brazilian states.
A map from the 60s showing part of Brazil north of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
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