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Assassiantions or executions of head of states of various countries since world war 2
Redistribution of borders after WWI
Animation of the Second World War in Europe
Final positions of the allied armies (WWII). Happy VE Day!
Every territory the Axis powers(including co-belligerents) occupied/controlled for any duration of time during WW2
World Map Showing Location of WWII Shipwrecks
German U-boat losses and their locations in World War II
"Subject Nationalities of the German Alliance" of WWI
The Mediterranean World 100 years ago: World War I , Jan 1917
"Subject nationalities under the German Alliance" - Beautiful map of the minorities under the Central Powers during WW1 (X-post from r/Europe)
Situation in China at the end of World War 2
Each country's participation in the World Wars
European countries by the number of deaths in WW1
Axis Military Operations in North America during the Second World War, excluding submarine attacks on ships (OC)
Frankfurt Old Town before the 2. World War
Dated Events World War Map. 1942
Daily WW2 Maps: #1 WW2 UK Map
Daily WW2 Maps: #3 Moscow: 250 years of danger for Europe
Sakhalin and the Kulrile Islands in 1875 (Treaty of St. Petersburg), 1905 (Treaty of Porsmouth) and 1945 (End of World War II)
Someone's ideal version of post-World War I Poland .
A map of Europe in 1922 in a scenario where the Central Powers win World War I .
Territories claimed by Belgian nationalists after the First World War
What if the Central Powers won the First World War? (Kaiserreich-Realism Hybrid)
Russo-Finish Border before WWII and after WWII
Current vs. WW2 GDP in Europe
Map of the location of World War II shipwrecks in Ironbottom Sound in the Solomon Islands
Hungary during World War II
A map showing the extent of fire and blast damage to Hiroshima, Japan, done by the atomic bomb dropped on August 6, 1945
WW1 Deaths by percent of pre-war population in Europe
A more distressing map for the prospects of a Europe in which Germany was victorious in WW2
WW2, illustrated info-map of the naval war in the Mediterranean
Map of Europe before/after the WW1, from a 1931 french schoolbook
Map showing Japanese cities bombed during World War II, equivalent sized American cities, and % of the city destroyed by the bombings
WW2 - Axis controlled territory on the day of the most notable assassination attempt on Hitler - July 20 1944
1944-45 voyage of U-862, the only German U-Boat that reached the Pacific Ocean during the Second World War
WW1 US Pro-Hungarian poster criticising the Treaty of Trianon
Bulgaria at its greatest extent during WWII
Maurice Gomberg's 1942 *Outline of the Post-War New World Map* drawn prior to the end of WWII
Modern London Heathrow Airport drawn over a map of the area during WW2
Map showing Germany's loss of territory as a result of the World Wars
Megali Idea, Greek territorial aspirations after World War 1
First proposed occupation lines of post-WWII Japan
European countries - WW1 casualties numbers
A map of World War II in Europe in 1941-1942 .
WW2 Military Death by Country (borders imagined as 1940)
Pre-WWII and Post-WWII border shifts for Poland explained... (courtesy: Wikipedia)
Rare map, made in Warsaw during WWI in early 1915, depicting the last Romanov Tsar taming aggressive Germany and defending 'crownlands' in Eastern Europe
Map of USA if America lost WW2 as depicted in "Man in the high castle".
Destruction of the Polish capital during World War II
Consequences of the expulsion of ethnic Germans from Czechoslovakia/Czech republic after WW2 are still felt today
Stylised Pre-WW1 Europe. Found in the York Castle Museum, York, UK
This map compares the economies of the European countries on the brink of the II World War
Germany at the height of World War II success (late 1942). dark green: Germany ; medium green: Civilian-administered occupied territories (Reichskommissariat) ; light green: Military-administered occupied territories (Militärverwaltung)
German satirical map of WWI Europe (sorry for the blurriness and reflection)
What if It Was Your City? - by Alberto Lucas López ; marking the the 70 year anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb, this was published in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post
World in 1918, 2 months before the end of WW1
Stalin's mapporn: borders of post-WWII Poland hand-marked by the Soviet dictator
Ethnic map of European Russia before the First World War
Aftermath of World War 2 - Europe and the Near East 1949
Pictorial Japanese map of the Middle East, Indian subcontinent and Central Asia during World War II (1942)
Soviet advances on the Eastern Front of World War II in 1943-1944 .
Allied attack routes against Japan during WWII, 1945
Number of wars each European country has been involved in since WW2
Great powers scrambled for the Far East (pre-WWI), based on sphere of influence.
Japanese World War II - Map
Chaos in Europe after WW1
WWII administrative map of Romania
Dutch claims on parts of Germany post-WW2
If We Enter A World War - And Lost (Hypothetical invasion America) in 1937
Hand drawn map of Europe during the post WW1 chaos of 1919
Detailed Map of Africa on the Even of WW1 in 1914
German-speaking areas before and after WWII
Today in 1945, Japan surrendered to Allied forces, ending WWII. This map shows the extent of its territorial expansion.
Subject nationalities of the German alliance (in World War I) .
The Septemberprogramm(Germany's World War One goals)708 × 482
German War Aims in the West WWI
One year after World War II
Factionalized pre WW1 Europe x-post r/history memes
China from the East, showing WWII supply lines (1941)
U.S. War Department's Battles and Campaigns - WWII European and African Theater (1945)
Map of Africa before the outbreak of WW1
Degree of Destruction of housing in German Cities in the 2nd World War, in percent
Geosim Season 4 world map at the onset of WWIII
Map of Japanese defence installations at Iwo Jima February-March 1945
Illustrated battlefield of the WW2 in the North Sea area
Map of damage in Poland during World War 1
Dated Events Map of World War II
Map of the Poles before WW II
United States Height Map - devised from 1945 World War II enlistee records
World War II, Every Three Months
April 1940 map of the Baltic Sea region (early World War II territorial changes)
A possible map if the Axis won WWII, "Man in the High Castle"-style.
Countries that the USA has bombed since the end of WW2
Locations of Most Battles in WW1 (European Theater)
Countries that had over 100 000 military deaths under WW2
Countries where land combat between Allied and Axis(including co-belligerent) armies took place during WW2(1939-1945)
A map of over 150,000 identified WWII deaths in Serbia (by place of origin).
November 11th, 1918: Map of the World at the Time of the Armistice Ending World War One
Der Kriegsschauplatz in Polen = The battlefield in Poland. War map of Poland showing German (in red), Austro-Hungarian (in yellow), and Russian (in green) territorial possession (1914)
Map of Possible Zombie Free Zones(World War Z)
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