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Pre WWII Air France Map by: Lucien Boucher 1937
Japanese World War 2 pictorial map of the Pacific and surrounds (1942)
Africa at the start of the First World War (1914)
WWII Japanese Aeronautical Map of Australia (1943)
Outline of Post-War New World Map (1942) : showing political divisions of the world after WW2 in the event of an Allied victory
Andrees Handatlas 1914: Europe before WW I.
Satirical Maps of the First World War by Louis Raemaekers in 1915
"The Battlefronts of Europe", 1917, a superimposed and Mercator-adjusted image of the four major European WWI battlefronts on the contiguous United States
Second World War in Europe 1943-1945
Japanese World War II Pictorial Map of Europe, Asia and northern Africa (1942)
The "Farmer & Settler" map of Gallipoli War area - 1915, showing landing places of the French, British, Australian and New Zealand troops during World War I
World War 1 map : The Great War 1914
Africa at the start of the World War I (1914)
Territories held by Germany on 1st May 1945, 7 days before the end of the WW2 in Europe
A World War I map of Europe, in Braille. 1914-1918
World War II in Europe 1939-1945 - Overview
Bought a 1919 atlas printed between the end of WWI and the finalization of the Versailles & Trianon treaties. The cartographer is very frustrated about the 'in between' status of half the world's maps. Quite interesting and unique! (Album with explanations in comments) (OC)
A map I made of a world where Germany won WW1. The map is in 1925. Italy and Ethiopia also joined on the Central Powers' side.
The Soviet major offensives of 30 November - 22 December 1939 in the Winter War.
My first map. Self made, Germany in 1920 if the central powers won World War 1.
Portuguese propaganda map from WW2 (c. 1942)
Occupied Territory by the Central Powers and frontlines during World War I at the beginning of 1917. (Source: 'The Great War' Youtube Channel)
German propaganda the year after the end of the World War 1914-1918
Frontlines in the European theatre during the First World War in February 1918 (Source: 'The Great War' YouTube channel)
European GDP Power in 1938 by country (brink of WW2)
WW1 Map of Europe on Western Front (1914)
Map of Europe before WW1 (1914) Colored with Colored pencils
The Norwegian election in 1945, following WW2
Japanese map of WWII, Nobarasha, 1942
World Map Showing Location of WWII Shipwrecks
German U-boat losses and their locations in World War II
The Mediterranean World 100 years ago: World War I , Jan 1917
Dated Events World War Map. 1942
Sakhalin and the Kulrile Islands in 1875 (Treaty of St. Petersburg), 1905 (Treaty of Porsmouth) and 1945 (End of World War II)
A map of Europe in 1922 in a scenario where the Central Powers win World War I .
A map showing the extent of fire and blast damage to Hiroshima, Japan, done by the atomic bomb dropped on August 6, 1945
Map of Europe before/after the WW1, from a 1931 french schoolbook
WW2 - Axis controlled territory on the day of the most notable assassination attempt on Hitler - July 20 1944
1944-45 voyage of U-862, the only German U-Boat that reached the Pacific Ocean during the Second World War
A map of World War II in Europe in 1941-1942 .
WW2 Military Death by Country (borders imagined as 1940)
Rare map, made in Warsaw during WWI in early 1915, depicting the last Romanov Tsar taming aggressive Germany and defending 'crownlands' in Eastern Europe
Germany at the height of World War II success (late 1942). dark green: Germany ; medium green: Civilian-administered occupied territories (Reichskommissariat) ; light green: Military-administered occupied territories (Militärverwaltung)
World in 1918, 2 months before the end of WW1
Aftermath of World War 2 - Europe and the Near East 1949
Pictorial Japanese map of the Middle East, Indian subcontinent and Central Asia during World War II (1942)
Soviet advances on the Eastern Front of World War II in 1943-1944 .
Allied attack routes against Japan during WWII, 1945
If We Enter A World War - And Lost (Hypothetical invasion America) in 1937
Hand drawn map of Europe during the post WW1 chaos of 1919
Detailed Map of Africa on the Even of WW1 in 1914
Today in 1945, Japan surrendered to Allied forces, ending WWII. This map shows the extent of its territorial expansion.
China from the East, showing WWII supply lines (1941)
U.S. War Department's Battles and Campaigns - WWII European and African Theater (1945)
Map of Japanese defence installations at Iwo Jima February-March 1945
United States Height Map - devised from 1945 World War II enlistee records
April 1940 map of the Baltic Sea region (early World War II territorial changes)
Countries where land combat between Allied and Axis(including co-belligerent) armies took place during WW2(1939-1945)
November 11th, 1918: Map of the World at the Time of the Armistice Ending World War One
Border changes in Europe after the end of the Second World War. West and East Germany had not yet been created, and were still technically one state. Life magazine, 1947.
Der Kriegsschauplatz in Polen = The battlefield in Poland. War map of Poland showing German (in red), Austro-Hungarian (in yellow), and Russian (in green) territorial possession (1914)
"Map to illustrate the agreements of 1916 in regard to Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, &c.", such as the Sykes–Picot Agreement to divide the Middle Eastern part of the Ottoman Empire among the European powers after WWI.
Europe during First World War 1914-1918
Situation in Europe and the Near East, May 23, 1915, day when Italy joined WW1 on side of Entente and declared war against Austria-Hungary
German propaganda war map of Europe 1914 after outbreak of WW1
Europe and the Near East, October 5-11,1914, 2 months after outbreak of WW1
Countries that went into war/conflict with Turkey since 1919(except WW2)
Map of French forts surrounding Paris published near the start of World War 1 in September 1914.
Hiroshima city plan post 1945: pink denoted bombed areas
European alliance during WW1 1914-1918 and military casualties and financial war cost by the country
The world post-World War 2, made by Stanley Turner in 1947
The British Empire in 1914 - just before the start of the First World War
"WHY GERMANY WANTS PEACE" - WWI propaganda map printed in 1918 by the Committee on Public Information, a government agency that was established through an executive order by president Wilson in 1917 for the sole purpose of making propaganda
WW2 Japanese Map of the Pacific (1942)
Gross Domestic Product of Major Powers in 1939
Map of Europe in 1923 after World War I
The percentage of the German population in the judicial districts of Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia according to the census of 1930
World War II amphibious invasion of the United Kingdom that never happened
Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941
US Fleet at Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941
World at War (WWII)
WWI - "A Heaven Born Dream of European Peace", Hammond, 1917
Casualty rate in WW2 as percent of 1939 population.
Europe 1939 on the eve of WWII
Popular French conception for reconstructed Europe after the WW1, published in Paris, 1916
Why Germany wants peace now, Entente propaganda map of Europe 1917 during WW1
World War II anti-Communist propaganda map warning of Soviet intentions in Eastern Europe. April 3, 1944 Time magazine.
Japanese illustrated map of Singapore during WW2 (1942)
The extent of the firestorm, Hiroshima, Japan, 6 August 1945
Magazine poster on what America would look like if Germany won WW1 (1916)
Map of future Europe, Russian map from 1914 showing Russian territorial aims in WW1
WWII German propaganda map showing the strength of the "New Europe" and Axis plans for 1942, with an analysis of Allied plans up to and including the possible invasion of Italy.
German propaganda war map of Europe 1914 after outbreak of World War 1
European Brawl, German illustrative map of Europe at the outbreak of WW1, 1914
Map of a Russian redoubt during World War 1 published 1914.
Damage map of Nagasaki, produced by the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, 1946
Map of the defenses of Antwerp published right before its fall to the Germans during World War 1 in October 1914.
WWI - "The Crater of Hell", Hammond, 1917
Flag Map of Europe 1914. (Pre WW1)
Pre-WWII highway proposal (1938) submitted by Jan Antonin Bat'a that would have connected the easternmost parts of Czechoslovakia to the Carpatho-Ruthenian regions of the country through a series of new roads
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