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Plate 26- Bounded by E. 128th Street, Harlem River, Pleasant Avenue, E. 115th Street, Fifth Avenue, E. 120th Street, Madison Avenue, E. 124th Street and Fifth Avenue.) NYPL1512170
Brooklyn, Vol. 2, Double Page Plate No. 8; Part of Ward 23, Sectio 6; (Map bounded by Madison St., Tompkins Ave; Including Brooklyn Ave., Atlantic Ave., Bedford Ave.) NYPL1695521
1856 Chapman Pocket Map of Wisconsin - Geographicus - Wisconsin-chapman-1856
A map of Virginia - formed from actual surveys and the latest as well as the most accurate observations - by James Madison; drawn by Wm. Davis; with extensive additions and corrections to the year NYPL489831
Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Walling, H. F.; Gray, Ormando Willis; Lloyd, H. H. 1872
Queens, Vol. 2, Double Page Plate No. 34; Part of Ward Two East Williamsburgh; (Map bounded by Palmetto St., Prospect Ave., Ivy St., Forest Ave., Ptnan Ave., Woodard Ave., Madison St., Myrtle NYPL1693928
1919 Eau Claire Wisconsin Automobile Blue Book
Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District (109th)
Beatles 64 black 2
Madison County boundary evolution
1920 Milwaukee Wisconsin Automobile Blue Book
Ashley Madison accounts per country as % of total population
Madison (Culver's)
Wisconsin 2016 Democratic Primary by county
u/indianamerican1 continues his efforts for a more efficient union... and to give Wisconsin half the UP bwahaha.
Is is just me or does Wisconsin look like it is sucking Minnesota off?
*Happy Wisconsin noises*
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography