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Construction of the Moroccan sand walls in Western Sahara between 1980 and 1987, also known as the Berm.
What the Sahara may have looked like in 10,000 BCE, when great lakes, forests, and savannas ruled
Megalakes in the Green Sahara during the last Ice Age, about 20,000 years ago
Map of major Dune seas (ergs) and Mountain ranges of the Sahara. Red dashed line shows approximate limit of the Sahara. National borders in grey. Dune seas in yellow. T L Miles, 2008
A map of how the Mediterranean would have looked if the Atlantropa project happened. Atlantropa was a plan made by the German architect Herman Sörgel in the 1920s. Later it was popularized by the nazis.. Part of the plan was also to irrigate the Sahara
4 ways to show Western Sahara
This simulation of atmospheric particles shows smoke (white) from the Pacific Northwest forest fires, sea salt (blue) forming around hurricanes Harvey and Irma and dust (tan) blowing off the Sahara in 2017 (FULL VIDEO IN THE COMMENTS)
Western Sahara
The size of the contiguous US Compared to the Sahara desert
International Recognition of Western Sahara
A much greener Earth (7000 bc) when Sahara hosted lions and giraffes
European Flag Carriers in continental Sub-Sahara Africa
Un General Assembly on Western Sahara's Independence 1979
If The Sahara Was Green...(With Morocco and Western Sahara outlined for some reason)
Moroccan occupation of Spanish Sahara (1975-1987)
Western sahara map showing morocco and polisaro
Western Sahara on Google Earth... can someone explain the associated image please
Ancient Lakes In The Sahara Desert 2348 BC
Western sahara walls moroccan map-en
Mauritanian and Moroccan Invasion of Spanish Western Sahara
Catalan Atlas BNF Sheet 6 Western Sahara
Grandes routes commerciales du Sahara par E Blanc 1889
Sahara Occidentale
Spain Western Sahara Locator
Reconocimiento del sahara occidental
Fun fact: to the west of Western Sahara there is more Sahara!
President Trump reportedly said "The border with the Sahara cannot be bigger than our border with Mexico,"
Is this Western Sahara?
best photos you will ever see
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boat parts and history
marine life photography