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1853 Japanese World Map
Renard's map of the Pacific Ocean circa 1675. Showing California as an Island and important early projections of Australia and New Zealand, showing information from Tasman's two voyages in 1642-1943 and 1644
Rendered a map of the Earth centered around Australia and New Zealand (sorry Alaska!)
Australia is ~19 times bigger than California
Stick Chart of Micronesia in the first church in Hawaii
Ottoman picture of the known world printed around 1730, depicting everything from the island of California to an extremely accurate Australia
I see your Poland in Texas and raise you Poland in Texas in Western Australia! .
Western Australia compared to Texas
Alaska, California and Texas compared to Australia
Lake in Georgia (Shida Kartli region) that looks like Australia
You thinking travelling out of Texas is a journey, come live in Western Australia
Texas is big, but Australia is massive
1874 Mitchell Map of Australia, Polynesia and Hawaii - Geographicus - Polynesia-m-1874
1855 Colton Map of Hawaii and New Zealand - Geographicus - Hawaii-colton-1855
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