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Ottoman Empire map of the United States (1803)
1862 Johnson Map of Kentucky and Tennessee´╗┐
1805 Cary Map of the Great Lakes and Western Territory (Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, etc.)
(Map of Cumberland Gap and surrounding area in Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky showing defenses, military... - NARA - 305791
1854 Colton Pocket Map of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and Kentucky - Geographicus - WesternStates-colton-1854
War maps and diagrams from Kentucky and Tennessee (1861)
Kentucky (4578769839)
Kentucky (3045408173)
1827 Finley Map of Kentucky - Geographicus - Kentucky-finley-1827
1873 Asher Adams Map of the Midwest ( Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky ) - Geographicus - INILOHMOKTTN-aa-1873
1862 Johnson Map of Kentucky and Tennessee - Geographicus - KTTN-johnson-1862
County map of Kentucky and Tennessee. NYPL1510808
1866 Johnson Map of Kentucky and Tennessee - Geographicus - KentuckyTennessee-johnson-1866
Kentucky. NYPL1404003
Map of Kentucky and Tennessee by David H Burr - WDL
1862 Mitchell Map of Kentucky and Tennessee - Geographicus - KTTN-m-62
1855 Colton Plan or Map of New Orleans, Louisiana and Louisville, Kentucky - Geographicus - LouisvilleNewOrleans-colton-1855
A new map of part of the United States of North America - exhibiting the Western Territory, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia etc, also the Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Ontario & Erie, NYPL433914
1846 Burroughs - Mitchell Map of Kentucky - Geographicus - KT-m-1846
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