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North American Extinctions Areas in red show where indigenous organism populations have dropped below the "safe" limit of ecological stability, according to a 2016 study. (Christopher Ingraham/The Washington Post. Data from the Natural History Museum) from WaPo
3D Michigan Population Density (2010)
If U.S. states had the same population density as New Jersey, would would their size be?
Map of US States With a Population Smaller than New York City
Map of Virginia & Kanawha (later the main part of West Virginia) showing the distribution of its slave population from the census of 1860
Population distribution of Nevada (Each color contains 25% of the state population)
The Hole, an area of the northern plains with the population density of Alaska or Mongolia
Dominant Foreign-Born Population Groups in Each Connecticut Town (1940)
Majority racial/ethnic group in Connecticut by census block, and population density (2010)
U.S. contiguous counties where at least 25% of the population aged 25 and over have a college degree (2015)
States with a smaller population than New York City
Texas Population Density Map (this took me way too long)
U.S. Counties where more than half the population was born in another US state
All these U.S. Counties combined have the same population as Los Angeles County, California
Over half of Nevada's Population lives in the red area.
Year each Virginia county peaked in population (2013)
Population density map of Alaska
Population Density of the Boston–Washington Corridor, the most heavily urbanized area of the United States
Canada Population Fitted into State of California with Room to Spare
Cartogram of the Counties of New York State Based on Population
Ancestry with Largest Population in County in the United States (excludes Hawaii and Alaska)
What if the US was divided into eight California-sized mega states of (quasi) equal population?
Population Density of South Dakota
The Population Center of Florida, 1830-2010
Minimalist Population Density Map of California in the Style of Joy Division
41 states plus D.C. have a smaller population than Los Angeles County, California
New York population density map .
A population density map of Florida .
Population Distribution of Selected Asian Subgroups in New Jersey
Population That Speaks Language Other Than English New York, New York
Population density of Ohio, 2010
Michigan population density map .
Asian population in California counties
California divided in four areas with equal population
US states with a population smaller than New York City
Michigan population change from 2000 to 2010 by county
Racial population dot map of northern Virginia .
Cities and towns in Georgia by population size
Benelux, Switzerland and Austria (population:47,000,000) have less total land area than Wyoming (population: 578,000)
Half of Maine's population lives in the area shaded red
California as 58 counties of approximately Wyoming-sized population
Maryland population density map
The Francophone population of Louisiana, by parish/La population francophone de la Louisiane, par paroisse (color key in comments)
Population density of Amish in PA and Ohio
Hispanic Population Percentage, Texas Counties (2016)
U.S. states with a smaller population than New York City
Number of Cities w/ a Population over 6,000 in Kansas
Population density map of Ohio .
Population density map of Missouri .
Vermont town peak population by year
Population of Ohio by County
A population density map of New Jersey .
Minnesota Population density Map
French speaking population in Louisiana (including creole languages)
Texas Population Density, 2010
A population density map of Louisiana .
Arkansas population change by county between 2000 and 2010 .
Population density map of Alaska
Percentage of Native American population in Oklahoma by Census Block
California Population Density, 2010
State of California Population Compared with the World
The State of California approximately split into four areas of equal population
New York City contains more people than Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and New Mexico combined. The population density is 27,013 people per square mile.
Population Density Map of New York City and Surrounding Areas
Utah population density map .
Population density map of Tennessee .
Azerbaijanis in Georgia according to the 2002 population census
Population per town map of Massachusetts
California Divided by 4, Population
Wisconsin population density map .
A population density map of Alabama .
Arkansas population by county .
Results of 2017 Virginia Gubernatorial Election by political party & population density
Largest ancestry in Massachusetts by Census tract
Population density of California with UK equivalents
Texas divided in four areas with equal population
A modified mixed relief and satellite map of the western United States, as defined by the Census Bureau, sans Alaska and Hawaii.
North Dakota population density map (2010)
A population density map of Arizona .
Idaho population density map .
Nevada population density map .
3D Population Density of Hudson County, New Jersey
Counties of Kansas (the US state) by when they last peaked in population (colors inspired by foliage)
Ohio Drug Overdose Death Rate Per 100,000 Population, by County, 2011-2016
Maine population density map .
A population density map of Oregon .
Colorado population density map .
Washington population density map .
Michigan divided into 4 areas of nearly equal population
White Population of California
Georgia Population Density
2004 Deer population index in Virginia .
Virginia population density map .
A population density map of North Carolina .
2030 Population Projection of Ohio
Connecticut divided into 4 regions of (approximately) equal population
Map of New York City's largest Hispanic ethnic group in each zip code area (2010 Census)
Hispanic Population, 1960 New York City
New York Divided into 4 Parts of (Almost) Equal Population
Countries with population smaller than California
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