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City Atlas of Troy, New York. (1) NYPL1584728
City Atlas of Troy, New York. (2) NYPL1584729
Map bounded by Bulkhead and Pier Line 57, 10th Ave, Washington St, Perry St; Including 13th Avenue, West Street, Hammond St, Bank St, Bethune St, Troy St, Jane St, Horatio St, Gansevoort St) NYPL1648022
Turquie d'Asie. 1791 (G)
Plate 29- (Bounded by Malbone St., Troy Ave., Montgomery St., Schenectady Ave., Crown St., Utica Ave., Carrol St., Rochester St., President St., East New York Ave., Howard Ave., Hunter Fly NYPL1519745
Oswego; Buffalo; Rochester; Syracuse; New York; Albany; Troy; Vicinity of New York NYPL1584210
Robert - Asia Minor cropped Georgia
Asia minor-Shepherd 1923 Georgia
Uranus near Womens Bay. Richard and Troy (local guide) had different views (so to speak)...(Google Map, Alaska)
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