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1853 Japanese World Map
A pond in New Hampshire that looks like Africa from above.
Greenland extends further west than parts of New York and further east than parts of Mali
Democratic republic of Georgia(1918-1921) within the borders that was ratified by the league of nations.
Alternate Democratic Republic of Georgia
Namibia-Oklahoma: panhandle comparison
Tufts University "African American Trail" map of historic sites in Massachusetts (5400x3450, 12mb)
Wisconsin vs Tanzania
The Namibia Panhandle Stretches from New York City to Pittsburgh
Noticed that Both Egypt and Missouri Have a Very Similar Shape
A choropleth map from 1900 depicting African American migration to and from Georgia
African-Americans In the New York Area
Little Liberia (Bridgeport, Connecticut) 1850
Democratic republic of Georgia 1920 Göttingen university map
Africa, but the areas involved with the Atlantic slave trade are now owned by Alabama.
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography