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Ottoman Empire map of the United States (1803)
A Map of the Indian Territory, Northern Texas, and New Mexico, showing the Great Western Prairies (1844)
Map of Mexico including Yucatan and Upper California 1847
Map of the United States and Mexico including Oregon, Texas and the Californias 1850
1859 - Territories of New Mexico And Utah, Colton
Map of the initial point of the boundary between Mexico and California (1849)
Indian Territory, Northern Texas and New Mexico by Josiah Gregg (1844)
Texas, United States and Mexico at War (1835-1847)
California, With Territories of Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico And Arizona (1864)
1850 Mitchell Map of Mexico ^ Texas - Geographicus - MexicoTexas-m-50
1852 Andrews Map of Florida, Cuba and the Gulf of Mexico - Geographicus - StraitsofFlorida-andrews-1852
Map of Peralta land grant
Map northern new mexico 1867
HEINZELMANN(1851) 07.495 Kartenblatt Texas, Mexico
Lloyds map of the lower Mississippi River from St. Louis to the Gulf of Mexico (4586553317)
Map of the Mississippi River, from Cairo to the Gulf of Mexico, showing the position of the rebel fortifications at the mouth of the River, those already taken and those remaining to be captured, etc. (6012626622)
1851 Tallis Map of Mexico, Texas, and California - Geographicus - MexicoTexas2-tallis-1851
Map of explorations and surveys in New Mexico and Utah made under the direction of the Secretary of War by Capt. J. N. Macomb topl. engrs. assisted by C. H. Dimmock. c. engr. 1860 (7537874502)
Travels over the table lands and cordilleras of Mexico. During the years 1843 and 44; including a description of California and the biographies of Iturbide and Santa Anna (1846) (14595657748)
Chart of the Mississippi River from the Ohio River to Gulf of Mexico (5961386478)
Map of the United States, the British provinces, Mexico, &c. showing the routes of the U.S. Mail steam packets to California, and a plan of the gold region (9136028681)
1827 Finley Map of Mexico, Upper California and Texas - Geographicus - Mexico-finely-1827
1814 Thomson Map of Texas, Mexico ^ Louisiana - Geographicus - SpanishNorthAmer-t-1814
1853 Mitchell Map of California, Oregon, Washington, Utah ^ New Mexico - Geographicus - CAORWAUTNM-mitchell-1853
1862 Johnson Map of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona - Geographicus - CANMUT-johnson-1862
1811 Humboldt Map of Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida - Geographicus - Mexique-humboldt-1811
1866 Johnson Map of California, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah - Geographicus - Southwest-johnson-1866
1864 Johnson Map of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado - Geographicus - Southwest2-johnson-1864
1862 Johnson Map of Mexico and Texas - Geographicus - Mexico-johnson-1862
1852 Duvotenay Map of Mexico ( includes Texas and Upper California ) - Geographicus - Mexique-duvotenay-1852
1855 Colton Map of Utah and New Mexico (first edition, first state) - Geographicus - UtahNewMexico-colton-1855
Arizona and New Mexico Territories Map, 1867
1825 Victoria Map of San Diego, California and San Blas, Mexico - Geographicus - SanDiego-victoria-1825
California State and New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Utah Territories Map, 1862
Map of the United States and their territories between the Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean; and part of Mexico (8345712217)
Arizona and New Mexico Territories Map, 1899
Map of the United States and their territories between the Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean; and part of Mexico (9138717458)
1818 Pinkerton Map of the American Southwest ( California, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas ) - Geographicus - Texas-pinkerton-1818
1877 Mitchell Map of Arizona and New Mexico - Geographicus - AZNM-mitchell-1877
1810 Tardieu Map of Mexico, Texas and California - Geographicus - Mexique-tardieu-1810
A map from 1870 showing magnetic declination. Does anyone know why it shows Baja California as part of the USA, when the rest is highly accurate.
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