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New York City Revolutionary War Map (1776)
“Plan of the City of Washington” (1792)
Abel Buell Map : a new and correct map of the United States of North America : layd down from the latest observations and best authorities agreeable to the Peace of 1783 : humbly inscribed to his excellency the Governor and Company of the state of Connecticut
from my collection: Johann Homann map of the Americas 1745 (California no longer an island)
Composite: Steven's facsimile of British head quarters manuscript map of New York, 1782
California and Corfou - similarly shaped islands from maps produced in 1720
1757 Map of the Carolinas Used by Gen. Washington to Plan Revolution Campaign
1720 California or New Carolina
1778 Sartine Map of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland
Map of Carte du Gouvernement Normandie avec celui du Maine et Perche Projettee ...M.Bonne...1785 from 1771.
Map of Texas 1718
Mississippi River Map circa 1765
Delisle's 1718 'Carte de la Louisiane', the first printed map to identify by name both Texas (Teijas) and the city of Chicago (Chicagou)
Very high quality map of New Jersey from 1795.
Map of the Americas (1740) - with the island of California
Ottoman picture of the known world printed around 1730, depicting everything from the island of California to an extremely accurate Australia
British Map of New York from 1776
Massachusetts Bay Colony Disputes (1630-1691 and 1691-1775)
Louisiana territory as it was under french rule, North America, 1734.
Spain's claimed Nootka Territory between Alta California and the 61st parallel N, and west of the Continental Divide, 1789-1795.
“Chart of the Sandwich Islands.” First map of Hawaii by James Cook 1784.
The Island of California (1722)
French Map of St. Louis - Before the Louisiana Purchase -1796
"The Large Regions of the Mississippi; or, the Louisiana Provinces" (c. 1705-14), from the personal atlas of Frederik V of Denmark (1723-1766)
Alaska 1597 (well before its official discovery in 1741) compared to a modern map
A 1762 "Map of the Road" of Northern New Jersey
1718 map of the Mississippi
Powder horn from 1770 with a map of upstate New York Province
New Hampshire 1784
Louisiana and the Mississippi region - 1720
Early Settlement of New Jersey 1665-1765
Meanwhile in Idaho, this park is named after 1800's fur trapper Richard "Beaver Dick" Leigh
Indians NW of South Carolina
West Florida Map 1767
Isle of Georgia - James Cook 1777
The California's in 1795
1743 Map of The Russian Far East and Alaska.
The Harbor of Boston, Massachusetts 1775 showing "Rebel Works"
"Vermont, From actual Survey," Amos Doolittle, ca. 1795
The Ohio Country between 1775 and 1794
Louisville, Kentucky 1797
L'enfant plan of Washington DC
Connecticut Colony 1636-1776
Map of New York during the American Revolution (1782)
Mitchell map michigan
This March 1989 map shows the island ecology of South Georgia, which was claimed for Britain in 1775 by Captain James Cook.
Plan of New York City 1766-67
Plano del Archipielago de Clayocuat 1791
A plan of the operations of the King's army, Chevaux de Frise between Fort Lee and Fort Washington, detail
Michigan 1718
Coral loss over the centuries : a comparison of Key West, Florida in the 1770's to Key West, Florida today
Map of the Mississippi in 1702
A trader's map of the Ohio country from before 1753 by John Patten
A Plan of the City of New York 1728
1785 Cook-Bligh Map of Hawaii
A new map of the north parts of America claimed by France under ye names of Louisiana... (2674873145)
Map of Maryland from 1797
The first large-scale chart of the waters around New York City (1729~1760)
"Georgia from the latest Authorities" - 1796, John Reid, Philadelphia
Early Surveys of Grants Between 1731-1737 - Prince Williams Parish, South Carolina
Province of South Carolina (1773)
Map of Kentucky - 1795
Mitchell Map-excerpt03
The course of Delaware River from Philadelphia to Chester, exhibiting the several works erected by the rebels to defend its passage, with the attacks made upon them by His Majestys land & sea forces (5120559789)
A new map of Virginia, Mary-land and the improved parts of Penn-sylvania & New Jersey (4231929854)
1772 Vaugondy and Diderot Map of the Pacific Northwest and the Northwest Passage
Cape May, New Jersey 1777
Map of Operations on the Delaware River at Philadelphia, PA Oct-Nov., 1777
L'Enfant Plan of Washington Superimposed on the Rectangular System from which He Worked
1785 Captain James Cook - Bligh Map of Hawaii
World Map (1704) by Gabriel Bodenehr. California is shown as an island.
Mitchell Map-excerpt02
A map of New England, and Nova Scotia, with part of New York, Canada, and New Britain & the adjacent islands of New Found Land, Cape Breton &c. (4231924992)
1776 Zatta Map of California and the Western Parts of North America - Geographicus - AmericaWest-zatta-1776
A chart of Delaware Bay and River, containing a full and exact description of the shores, creeks, harbours, soundings, shoals, sands, and bearings of the most considerable land marks, from the capes to Philadelphia (4578700023)
Rapids of Ohio River by Hutchins
1747 Bowen Map of the Southeastern United States (Carolina, Georgia, Florida) - Geographicus - CarolinaGeorgia-bowen-1747
The grounds of the Hôtel du Maine from the Turgot map of Paris circa 1737
Map of the Country of the Five Nations belonging to the province of New York and of the Lakes near which the Nations of Far Indians live with part of Canada taken from the Map of the Louisiane done 1730
1794 d'Anville Map of Turkey - Georgia
1715 Homann Map of Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey - Geographicus - VirginiaMarylandiaCarolina-homann-1715
Plan for Raleigh North Carolina by William Christmas 1792
1798 Cassini Map of Florida, Louisiana, Cuba, and Central America - Geographicus - MessicoFlorida-cassini-1798
Lake Valdez (Now Lake Monroe) Florida 1826
Map of New Hampshire, Blanchard Langdon, 1761
Montgomerie's Ward, New York City
1729 Moll Map of New York, New England, and Pennsylvania (First Postal Map of New England) - Geographicus - NewEnglandNewYork-moll-1729
A map of the most inhabited part of Virginia containing the whole province of Maryland - with part of Pensilvania, New Jersey and North Carolina - drawn by Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson in 1775. NYPL434595
First Map of Kentucky
A New Map of the Western Parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina, 1778
1763 Gibson Map of East and West Florida - Geographicus - Florida-GM-1763
1780 map of Charleston, South Carolina
New York & environs: British Head Quarters (1782)
Mitchell Map-excerpt01
Mitchell Map-Louisiana 1770s
1780 Raynal and Bonne Map of New England and the Maritime Provinces
Grand Manan Island and the coast of northern Maine (3045762099)
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