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3D USA Population Density - from the west coast
Australia and New Zealand compared to North America on the same latitude
Shaded relief hand-painted map of America (originally created in 1965) blended with NASA imagery by John Nelson
What's Across The Ocean From The West Coast of North America?
Size of New Zealand compared to the United States of America
You can't travel in a straight line from Taiwan to the US West Coast without hitting land
National Parks of the United States by John Nelson
Five+ Years of Drought : an extended look at drought intensity and duration in the congituous United States / by John Nelson
The Optimist's Drought Map in the contiguous United States - a look at 5+ years of drought resistance / by John Nelson
Internet mass interception performed by NSA and its allies (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
An Economic Geography of United States Megaregions (Nelson et al)
Köppen climate types of the US West Coast
1538 Map of Asia and the west coast of North America
Found on display as part of an exhibit of Icelandic schools, homes and other structures. It is not dated. It contains a great deal of information about wind and water currents. There is something called a USSR in it. New Zealand exists.
Progress of Discovery on the West Coast of USA
Alexander Mackenzie map
Hudson's Bay's Country (Peter Pond 1785)
1855 Colton Map of Hawaii and New Zealand - Geographicus - Hawaii-colton-1855
1961 U.S.G.S. Lunar Ray Map of the Moon (wall map) - landmark Lunar map^ - Geographicus - LunarRays-usgs-1961
1961 U.S.G.S. Photogeologic Map of the Moon (wall map) - landmark Lunar map^ - Geographicus - PhotogeologicMoon-usgs-1961
1961 U.S.G.S. Physical Map of the Moon (wall map) - landmark Lunar map^ - Geographicus - MoonPhysical-usgs-1961
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boat parts and history
marine life photography