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1853 Japanese World Map
Indiae orientalis insvlarvmqve adiacientivm typvs. Map of India, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, New Guinea and NW America 1570
China overlaid on the conterminous United States, along their actual lines of latitude.
1,746 American Adults Were Asked To Point Out North Korea On A Map. 36% got it right!
1772 map of North America and Greenland, with adjacent parts of Europe and Asia. This map was drawn by Vaugondy to illustrate the mythical voyage of Captain Cluny
What do the US, Somalia, Swiss, and Turkey have in common? Anthem of the world by subject.
1752 map of the North Pacific compiled by Philippe Buache from the work of Joseph de L'Isle, showing the coasts of Asia south to Japan and America to Yucatan
Kazakhstan was the last Republic to leave the Soviet Union, even after Russia left. which means that for 4 days, this was the de facto USSR (Shown in red)
Size of India compared to North America
Map of America siue India nova : ad magnae Gerardi Mercatoris aui Vniversalis imitationem in compendium redacta from 1595.
Counties where Asian Americans make up >25% of population
United States bases and deployments in the Asia-Pacific (2017)
Asian American in the United States
countries that import more from the U.S/germany/china
Waldseemüller map from 1507 is the first map to include the name "America" and the first to depict the Americas as separate from Asia. There is only one surviving copy of the map, which was purchased by the Library of Congress in 2001 for $10 million. (Wikipedia)
Map depicting which Asian countries are shifting toward China, counteracting China or balancing both Chinese and American influences
Each dot represents an US adult guess about the location of North Korea
1,746 American Adults Were Asked To Point Out North Korea On A Map: This Was The Result...
Countries that explicitly and openly support India for UNSC permanent seat
Major US military bases in Japan
Size of Pakistan Compared to Eastern USA
Asian and Pacific Americans in Congress
China compared to the contiguous United States
US, France, UK strikes over Syria (preliminary)
Naver Maps, a popular map service in South Korea has a mountain on top of the location of US military hq in Seoul
Found a book of January-June 1923 National Geographics in a coffee shop. Here’s The Great Wall of China in relation to the US.
US travel advisories for Asian countries
Asian Vote by County in the 2016 US Presidential Election
Proposed Bering Strait Crossing, highway/tunnel linking Russia (Asia) to USA (N. America). More context in comments.
Countries that explicitly and openly support India for UNSC permanent seat.
States of USA, Europe and China with economy larger than Australia($1.2 trillion, PPP)
Whether Every Country Imports More from China, the US, or Germany
Map: Whether Every Country Imports More from China, the EU, or the US
Asian-American Population by Congressional District
Roughly the entire United States' population could fit into just these four Chinese provinces. 326 million USA vs. 1.38 billion China
Map of Iran with its 20 largest cities labeled as a US city of similar population.
Japan compared the the US east coast is bigger than you’d think
You can't travel in a straight line from Taiwan to the US West Coast without hitting land
Vietnam compared to United States
Mongolia, a country with a population of slightly more than 3 million compared to the United States.
US Army ethnolinguistic map of Afghanistan -- circa 2001-09
How big is Iran? Pretty much the size of the USA before the Louisiana Purchase.
Pakistan superimposed on East Coast of US
Asian Americans in the U.S.
Asian people on population in USA and Canada, 2016
South East Asian Languages in US and Canada
Arms Exports from China, France, the United States, and Russia
The Balmis Expedition (1803–1806), a three-year mission to Spanish America and Asia with the aim of vaccinating millions against smallpox
The US lower 48 and China side-by-side Comparison of Population Density
USA vs Indonesia size comparison
Countries with Restaurants in the Current or Previous World's 50 Best List, Asia's 50 Best List or Latin America's 50 Best List
Asian American in California by Congressional District
Asian population of the US by congressional district
US Military bases surrounding China
Percentage Loss For Each US State During The Vietnam War
Parts of the Great Wall of China imposed upon the United States
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) emissions in North America and East Asia from 1997 to 2011
In 2014, a person found this island (The Province Island) on Lake Memphremagog on the boarder of the US and Canada which resembles the Island of Taiwan.
World's rection to the US decision of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel
1972 Map of Japan - In commemoration of the return by the United States to Japan of administrative rights over the Ryūkyū Islands
GDP per capita (PPP) in Asia relative to the USA: 1990 vs. 2017
Map depicting how the US is militarily trying to contain China within Asia - Low Resolution Graphic
1930's Soviet map of the Far East of the USSR, Northern China (Manchuria) and Mongolia
China overlaid on USA at the same latitude
Map of US troops in Kurdish Occupied Syria
Global Arms Imports from US,China,Russia(2014)
The other side- States of India distributed in the form of US States
Wild turkey population in the eastern US
Chart of the Northern Passage Between Asia & America, 1816
Raqqa, Syria before (top) and after (below) capture from US backed forces
If India had the same population density as the US it would be this large
USA/Russian Federation and their alliances
The Balmis Expedition (1803–1806), a three-year mission to Spanish America and Asia with the aim of vaccinating millions against smallpox
Comparison of mean January temperature among North America, Europe and East Asia
Asia-America Mega Highway
World at War (WWII)
The American conquest and occupation of the Sulu Islands in the Philippines, 1899-1935.
EU's countries' reactions to the US decision of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel
"A new map of North America: with the British, French, Spanish, Dutch & Danish dominions on that great continent, and the West India Islands according to the definitive treaty concluded at Paris 10th February 1763" by Robert de Vaugondy, Robert Sayer & Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville
Where Would You Live if China was The United States of America? 2600x1700
American casualties in Iraq by their US residence
China High Speed Railways Network Overlayed Over the US
Top export Latin American products to China and USA
Africa is bigger than you think - It dwarfs China, Europe, the United States and India (source: McKinsey)
Map of Manila (1920) when Philippines was part of the USA
Most searched country in the last 12 months excluding Turkey for every US state.
1538 Map of Asia and the west coast of North America
The Size of India Compared to the Continental US
India overlapped with North America at the same latitudes
Countries and their changing relationships with the USAand China. Blue means closer to the USA, red means closer to China and green means attempting to please both sides
Cantino Planisphere, oldest Portuguese map showing their holdings in Asia and the Americas. It also may be the oldest map to show Florida and North America's East Coast. 1502.
Where Americans think North Korea is
% of Asian American population of South Asian descent in 2017
Beijing ca. 1914. Still largely the old Imperial-period city during the early years of the Republic of China (US Library of Congress copy)
Map of US and Canadian major cities corresponding to similar climates in major European and Asian cities
Cold War alliances mid-1975
Size comparison of Australia, USA, Japan and Europe
1754 De Fonte Map of the Northwest Passage (America - Asia - Polar)
Disposition of US, Allied, and Opposing Forces in South Vietnam, January 1st, 1968
Map of nations that import most from the EU/USA/China
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