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1853 Japanese World Map
The British colonies of Australia, 1845
Map of the northern island of New Zealand, showing lands belonging to the British and Natives - 1860
Australian Constitutional Referendums, 1899–1900, These votes united the 6 British colonies of Australia under a federal constitution.
"1838 FAILED 10-STATE AUSTRALIA PROPOSAL": Published in the Journal of The Royal Geographical Society in London, this map urged for the creation of 10 states on the continent - Dampieria, Victoria, Tasmania, Nuytsland, Carpentaria, Torresia, Cooksland, Guelphia, Van Diemen's Land, & Flindersland
(1899) MAP OF NEW ZEALAND - comp. by Irvine
(1899) MAP OF AUSTRALIA - comp. by Irvine
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