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1853 Japanese World Map
The British colonies of Australia, 1845
British and foreign possessions in the vicinity of Australia (1914?)
Map of the northern island of New Zealand, showing lands belonging to the British and Natives - 1860
Map of Aboriginal languages in Australia made by David R Horton. The Aboriginal Language Map attempts to represent all of the language or tribal or nation groups of Indigenous people of Australia. It indicates general locations of larger groupings of people.
The "Farmer & Settler" map of Gallipoli War area - 1915, showing landing places of the French, British, Australian and New Zealand troops during World War I
It's possible to sail in a straight line from the United Kingdom to New Zealand
United Kingdom Compared To New Zealand.
New Oxford Wall Map of Sheep Locations in Australia, 1920s
A map of Aboriginal Australia before the British Empire invaded, representing the language, social and nation groups.
Map used to encourage Western Australians to vote for succession from the rest of Australia in a 1933 Referendum. The Referendum passed by 66.23% but both the Australian government and the Imperial government in London refused to act on it.
Internet mass interception performed by NSA and its allies (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
Clipper routes followed from England to Australia and New Zealand
Map of Aboriginal Australia before British colonisation
Roads of Perth and south-western Western Australia
Australia, Antarctica and British Isles size comparison
Australia and New Zealand and England and Wales and... Illinois, 1923
Australian Constitutional Referendums, 1899–1900, These votes united the 6 British colonies of Australia under a federal constitution.
Map-a-Bull: Town of Bulls, New Zealand by Andrew Douglas-Clifford
"1838 FAILED 10-STATE AUSTRALIA PROPOSAL": Published in the Journal of The Royal Geographical Society in London, this map urged for the creation of 10 states on the continent - Dampieria, Victoria, Tasmania, Nuytsland, Carpentaria, Torresia, Cooksland, Guelphia, Van Diemen's Land, & Flindersland
Train Map for Perth, Australia
Perth, Western Australia at night from Space
(1899) MAP OF NEW ZEALAND - comp. by Irvine
(1899) MAP OF AUSTRALIA - comp. by Irvine
Map of Australia with the British Isles.1922
Percentage Support for Freedom of Movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom
NZ vs Indonesia vs Japan vs UK vs Nauru vs Tuvalu vs Tokelau
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