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Italy, with Vatican City : as drawn and published by Ernest Dudley Chase (1935)
USA population measured by Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK (2014)
How big is Iran part 2: From Belfast to Naples
How to fit the populations of France, Germany, Italy, and England in Indonesia
A map of the territories that the Entente promised to Italy and Serbia in the 1915 Treaty of London .
World at War (WWII)
Urbano Monti (1544–1613) (alternate spelling: Urbano Monte) was an Italian cartographer. He was born and raised in Milan, Italy. His most famous work is the Planisphere.Some of his best known works are a part of the David Rumsey Map Collection of Stanford University and have been recently digitized.
The Italian front, WW2 (US & UK forces highlighted)
Leonardo da Vinci's sketch of the Italian rivers and hills. On display Glasgow's Kelvingrove Art Galleries.
Italian Claims in the Adriatic from the Treaty of London (circa 1915)
Italy compared to the UK
From London to Milan - The Size of Florida
Italy 1454 after the Peace of Lodi
Tabula Europae I (1561)
Italy- handbook for travellers. First Part, Northern Italy and Corsica (1869) (14783842895)
Italy - handbook for travellers (1906) (14594158990)
Italy - handbook for travellers (1906) (14594189569)
Italy - handbook for travellers (1906) (14777723531)
Italy - handbook for travellers (1906) (14777735941)
Vol. 5. Plate, N. (Map bound by Hamilton Ave., Carroll St., Columbia St., Verona St., East River; Including India St., Atlantic Basin, Summit St., Rapelyea St., Woodhull St., Bowne St., NYPL1627534
A Map of Europe - 1852
Bodleian Libraries, British Isles
Houghton 63-368 - Piranesi, map of Rome
The hand-book for travellers in Italy, from London to Naples (1838) (14796314973)
1930 Nikkodo Map of Tienjien ( Tientsin, Tianjin), China - Geographicus - Tienjien-nikkodo-1930
1932 Chinese Map of Tientsin (Tianjin or Tienjin), China - Geographicus - Tienjin-showa7-1932
Is Venezuela big enough to fit Berlin, London, Paris and Rome inside its border?
Alternate History OC - Sweden and Scotland had an alliance, who are opposing the Catholic France, who is allied with the Papal States. The Venitian Empire is currently in a civil war, which doesn't look good for East Veneto, because Hungary and W.V. are looking to ally. Germany has yet to fully form
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography