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Provinces of British India, 1874
1863 Dispatch Atlas Map of Delhi, India - Geographicus - Delhi-dispatch-1867
Indian Rebellion of 1857
Indian revolt of 1857 states map
Fragment of map of Chittagong (Bengal)
NWIndia 1857 imperial gazeteer
1786 - A map of Bengal, Bahar, Oude & Allahabad - James Rennell - William Faden
Part of Singapore Island (British Library India Office Records, 1825, detail)
1814 Thomson Map of Northern India and Nepal - Geographicus - IndiaNepal-t-1814
British india
Historical Map of Sikkim in northeastern India
India 1804 map
1818 Pinkerton Map of India (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal, Sri Lanka) - Geographicus - India-pinkerton-1818
Map BEIC 1857
Kalyan 1873
British India map of Northeast India and Myanmar, Bengal Assam Meghalaya Arunachal Pradesh Nagaland Manipur Mizoram Tripura regions 1891
1894 Bagrot Hunza Nagyr and Hispar Glacier by Conway
British Empire in India 1903
British Empire map - The India and Colonial Exhibition, London (1886) - BL
Part of Singapore Island (British Library India Office Records, 1825, detail) - cropped
1806 Cary Map of India or Hindoostan - Geographicus - India-cary-1806
1808 Smith Map of India - Geographicus - India-smith-1808
1814 Thomson Map of India - Geographicus - IndiaSouth-t-1814
1814 Thomson Map of India w-Ganges - Geographicus - Hindoostan-t-1814
Map of India 1823
Plan and view of the pontoon bridge over the Ganges Benares by James Prinsep 1823
Map and cross section of the drainage tunnel from the Machhodri tank to the river Benares by James Prinsep 1825
Map of the confluence of the Barna and Ganges rivers with temples and the old fort on the left and brick kiln on the right Benares by James Prinsep
Map BEIC 1837
1838 Wyld Wall Map of India (Hindostan or British India) - Geographicus - India-wyld-1838
1842 S.D.U.K. Map of the City of Calcutta, India - Geographicus - Calcutta-sduk-1842
Writers' Building in 1842
1853 Mitchell Map of India - Geographicus - Hindoostan-mitchell-1850
1855 Colton Map of India - Geographicus - India-colton-1855
India north 1857
1864 Johnson's Map of India (Hindostan or British India) - Geographicus - India-j-64
1865 Johnson's Map of India (Hindostan or British India) - Geographicus - India-johnson-1865
Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India (1876) (14583306227)
1879 British Admiralty Chart or Map of Bombay Harbor, India ( Mumbai ) - Geographicus - BombayHarbor-admiralty-1879
Old map of India, from the British Library
India impressions, with some notes of Ceylon during a winter tour, 1906-7 (microform) (1907) (14779427031)
British East India Company Territories in 1765 and 1805
Map BEIC 1837-1857
India on the march (1922) (14780555801)
1900 Bacon Pocket Map of London, England - Geographicus - London-bacon-1900
(1899) MAP OF INDIA - comp. by Irvine
1814 Thomson Map of Martinique and Dominica ( West Indies )
Vol. 5. Plate, N. (Map bound by Hamilton Ave., Carroll St., Columbia St., Verona St., East River; Including India St., Atlantic Basin, Summit St., Rapelyea St., Woodhull St., Bowne St., NYPL1627534
Vol. 6. Plate, B. (Map bound by Huron St., Oakland St., Calyer St., East River; Including India St., Java St., Kent St., Green Point St., Milton St., Noble St., Oak St., West St., Franklin NYPL1627544
Map of Asia, showing gt. political divisions, and also the various routes of travel between London and India, China and Japan, etc NYPL1510834
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