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British map with the proposed divisions of France after the revolution (1793)
The Trans-Eurasian Belt Development (TEPR) from London to New York : a 2015 plan for a superhighway, proposed by the head of Russian Railways
Chart of the British Channel with the Opposite Coast of the United Kingdom and the Republic of France (1803)
A Map of the British Empire in America with the French, Spanish and the Dutch Settlements adjacent - 1733
Bristol, England, 1478. From The Maire of Bristowe is Kalendar by Robert Ricart, common clerk of Bristol (1478 to 1506)
Which countries would US/British/French/German citizens be willing to defend if they were attacked by Russia?
Caricature map of England, Wales and northwestern France from 1793
The "Farmer & Settler" map of Gallipoli War area - 1915, showing landing places of the French, British, Australian and New Zealand troops during World War I
USA population measured by Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK (2014)
This is Antipodes island - Named because it is the nearest antipode (geographical opposite) of London. It is actually the antipode of the French village Gatteville-Le-Phare
"District of Maine : belonging to Massachusetts. (to accompany) Harriet E. Baker's Book of Penmanship & Map. At Mr. Dunham's School Windsor Vermont March 31, 1819." -- A children's map of Maine when still part of Massachusetts.
TIL that it's possible to sail in a straight line from The United Kingdom to France
1921 Irish Guerrilla battle map of Cross barry, Co Cork, Ireland.
A map of the British Empire in America with the French and Spanish settlements adjacent thereto 1733
British and French Empires in 1920
Countries that have been ar war with France / UK / Germany (1700-now)
This week, on "Africa is Huge": The 'Cape to Cairo' railway proposed by the British would be longer than the Trans-Siberian Railway if completed.
British map with the proposed divisions of France after the revolution (1793)
US, France, UK strikes over Syria (preliminary)
British and french railway companies in Argentina - 1943 - 47.000 kilometers
Territorial losses of Thailand (Siam) to British and French Empires by year
Vichy France / anti-British Nazi Propaganda poster published in 1942. Translation: Be reassured, the amputations (of his tentacles) are proceeding methodically.
Heat Map for Swimming the Channel Between England and France
Map of a London cholera outbreak in 1854. The black bars represent cholera cases in the area surrounding an infected pump (marked in red).
Two international trips from London to Paris
Map of the Islands of the South Pacific showing British, German, French, Dutch and American territories (1914)
Population Density in Southeast England, the Benelux and Northern France
Percentage of British people living in Occitanie, France, the first french région for english UK expats.
How to fit the populations of France, Germany, Italy, and England in Indonesia
Mitchell Map-06full2
A map of the British Empire in America with the French and Spanish settlements adjacent thereto. 1775.
Gravitational Centre of Yorkshire: if you were to place a pin on this point, the polygon of Yorkshire would balance perfectly on it (source: Ordnance Survey)
London's "S-Bahn" Network, by Simon Schre
1917 Boston Bromley Atlas serves as a base for current Google Earth buildings. You can see exactly which 1917 buildings are no longer there today. (see the comments on how to view this yourself) OC
Comparison of Armenian population in Eastern Turkey according to Armenian, Ottoman, French and British sources
This is Antipodes island - Named because it is the nearest antipode (geographical opposite) of London. In reality it is the antipode of the French village Gatteville-le-Phare.
London Underground overlaid on New York, Tokyo, and Paris
What the entire Internet looked like in September 1973
Military Deaths of Major Powers in World War II
"A new map of North America: with the British, French, Spanish, Dutch & Danish dominions on that great continent, and the West India Islands according to the definitive treaty concluded at Paris 10th February 1763" by Robert de Vaugondy, Robert Sayer & Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville
Burglary cases in Northern Ireland, Wales and England in 2017 by 10.000 inhabitants
Sykes - Picot Map: A secret agreement between UK and France to split up the Middle-East. On the lower righthand corner you can see their signatures
France as drawn by Ernest Dudley Chase in 1935 -
Most Frequent Cause of Weather Fatalities in the US (1999-2018) by Ian Livingston
Eastern Part of New France or Canada with the Island of Newfoundland and Nova Escosse Acadia and New. England with St. Laurence River (1756)
Land use in Oxford Town Centre
Waterloo Campaign 1815, disposition of French and Allied armies
Ocean-themed map of New England at a Maine restaurant
During the Napoleonic wars the Americans loaned money from British banks to buy Louisiana from France. Sooo technically the British were funding a war against themselves.
Château de Suscinio Old medieval French map of northern France and a very small bit of the south of England (sorry for the shadow)
A Map of the British Empire in America with the French and Spanish Settlements adjacent thereto (1733) by Henry Popple
Imperial Airways London - Paris Flight Path (1928)
map of the french-spanish siege (1779 - 1783) of british Gibraltar during the American War of Independence
Fragment of map of Chittagong (Bengal)
Hand-drawn map by British filmmaker Geoffrey Malins of the area where he filmed the Battle of Flers-Courcelette during WW1 on September 15, 1916.
England and France, 1455-1494
British map of the north parts of America claimed by France under the names of Lousiana, Mississipi, Canada and New France (1720)
"The Great Bear" - an artistic London Underground map created by Simon Patterson in 1992.
Original Sykes - Picot Agreement Map (red = direct British control, blue = direct French control, A and B are zones of influence)
The River Tyburn (London) by Simon Gudgeon
Major French and British settlements of Eastern North America in 1755.
Pierre Mortier - Map of the location of the earthly paradise, and of the country inhabited by the patriarchs, laid out for the better understanding of sacred history (1700)
Deployment of American, British, French & Russian troops across the globe
England and France at the Accession of Philip Augustus in 1180
The British Trans-Arctic Expedition 1968-1969
1745 Map of Atlantic Canada (known as New France then) and New England coast from the Nova Scotia Archives.
1855 Colton Map of Upper Canada or Ontario - Geographicus - Ontario2-colton-1855
1756 Bellin Map of Kollam Fort, Kerala, India - Geographicus - Coylan-bellin-1756
1700 Map of Syria, Armenia and Caspian Sea
The Daily Mail bird's eye map of the British front (1916) - section II, Arras and surrounding area
‘French Revolution 1789 - 1799’ - Dutch school canvas c. 10’ x 6’, 1969. (Found by me, this afternoon in a charity shop, UK)
Alexander Mackenzie map
1652 Sanson Map of India - Geographicus - India-sanson-1652
Plan de Mahe avec les attaques de Bayanor souverain du lieu
British dominion of India(1783)
Plan de la bataille terrestre de Gondelour 1783
1894 Bagrot Hunza Nagyr and Hispar Glacier by Conway
British Empire in India 1903
1897 Newton Centre, Massachusetts bird's eye view
1902 L'Armee Case Map of Paris and Environs - Geographicus - Paris-armee-1902
Map of the British and French dominions in North America, drawn by order of the British government in 1755, showing what that government then conceded as New England (9138601070)
The street railway review (1891) (14760967862)
1855 Colton Map or City Plan of Paris, France - Geographicus - Paris-c-55
Latitudes of the Northernmost and Southernmost territorial points of the 5 major world leaders (US, Russia, UK, China, and France)
The direct route to the fishing and hunting resorts of New Hampshire, Maine, and Canada
Chris Kenny - “Fetish Map of the British Isles”; found in an exhibition at the MuCEM (Marseille) about the concept of the Island
Map of Waterloo campaign (Napoleon Hundred days) showing disposition of Allied and French troops on the eve of Battle of Waterloo
La Nuoua Francia (2674844435)
Mitchell Map-excerpt01
1786 La Perouse Map of Vancouver and British Columbia, Canada - Geographicus - Vancouver-perouse-1786
Plan of the harbour of Toronto with the proposed town and settlement
Plan pour Mr le Chevalier de Lotbiniere fils Esq - Samuel Holland 1791
1852 Levasseur Map of Guyana, Miquelon, Newfoundland, and St. Martin - Geographicus - GuyaneMiquelon-levasseur-1852
1854 Colton Map of Quebec, Montreal and New Brunswick, Canada - Geographicus - LowerCanada-colton-1855
1855 Colton Map of Canada East or Quebec - Geographicus - Quebec-colton-1855
1855 Colton Map of Upper Canada or Ontario - Geographicus - Ontario-colton-1855
1857 Colton Map of Quebec and New Brunswick, Canada - Geographicus - CanadaEast-colton-1857
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