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Vol. 5. Plate, N. (Map bound by Hamilton Ave., Carroll St., Columbia St., Verona St., East River; Including India St., Atlantic Basin, Summit St., Rapelyea St., Woodhull St., Bowne St., NYPL1627534
Vol. 5. Plate, O. (Map bound by Court St., Lorraine St., Columbia St., Carroll St; Including Clinton St., Henry St., Manhasset Place, Hicks St., Hamilton Ave., First Place, Summit St., Second NYPL1627535
Vol. 5. Plate, S. (Map bound by Lorraine St., Hamilton Ave., Gowanus Bay, Otsego St; Including Crinnell St., Bay St., Sigourney St., Halleck St., Percival St., Bryant St., Columbia St., Hicks NYPL1627539
Brooklyn, Vol. 1, Double Page Plate No. 6; Part of Ward 12, Section 2; (Map bounded by Dwight St., Erie Basin, Upper Bay; Including Buttermilk Channel, Hamilton Ave., Columbia St. NYPL1703624
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