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Last night's voting map compared with a map Lincoln used to determine each county's economic reliance on slavery. History never fails to amaze me.
The map that Lincoln used to see the reach of slavery: Percentage of Slaves by U.S. County, 1860.
Detailed map showing where Abraham Lincoln went when he visited Massachusetts from Sep 11 - 23, 1848
Route of President Lincoln's Funeral Train April, 1865
c. 1880 "United States & Canada" by Johnston. Shows the proposed "Lincoln" territory in northern Dakota Territory. Uncommon.
Map of locations of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, listed in order
State of Lincoln proposed in 1869 in Texas, south and west of the Colorado River
Map of the results of the 1864 election: dark brown = Confederacy: light brown = territories: red = Republicans (Lincoln): blue = Democrats (McClellan)
Lincoln Service map
Lincoln, Nebraska 1955 Yellow Book
Lincolnia comitatus Anglis Lincoln-Shire (5385391276)
Ordnance Survey Drawings - Lincoln, Lincolnshire (OSD 277)
Boothbay Harbor, Lincoln County, Maine (2675887798)
"Lincolnia comitatus, Lincoln Shire" (22072214108)
Page 09- (Bounded by W. 77th Street, (Central Park) Seventh Avenue (Lincoln Square), W. 57th Street and Hudson River.) NYPL1531813
Brooklyn, Vol. 5, Double Page Plate No. 1; Part of Wards 29, Section 16; (Map bounded by Lincoln Road, Rogers Ave., Clarkson Ave; Including Woodruff Ave., Ocean Ave.); Sub Plan; (Map bounded by NYPL1697727
Brooklyn, Vol. 5, Double Page Plate No. 2; Part of Wards 29, Section 15 and 16; (Map bounded by Lincoln Road, East New York Ave., Kingston Ave; Including E. 39th St., Clarkson Ave., Rogers Ave.) NYPL1697728
Abraham Lincoln (train) map
Brooklyn, Vol. 2, Double Page Plate No. 1; Part of Ward 29, Sections 15 and 16; (Map bounded by Parkside Ave., Ocean Ave., Lincoln Road; Including New York Ave., Church Ave., E. 17th St., Parade PL.); NYPL1703740
Brooklyn, Vol. 1, Double Page Plate No. 16; Part of Wards 24 and 29, Section 5; (Map bounded by Eastern Parkway, Albany Ave., East New York Ave; Including Lincoln Road, Washington Ave., Franklin Ave.) NYPL1703634
Semi-centennial of the Lincoln-Douglas debates in Illinois, 1858-1908; (1908) (14782780734)
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