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Map of the British colonies in North America, 1763 to 1775. This was published in: Shepherd, William Robert (1911) "The British Colonies in North America, 1763–1765"
"This is North America - the spacious, rich and fertile region of 'unlimited possibilities", which is shared by British-Canada, USA and Mexico". By Cläre With 1930.
German U-boat losses and their locations in World War II
The distribution of ash from the May 18, 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens across the continental United States
What the entire Internet looked like in September 1973
World at War (WWII)
Canada provinces 1867-1870
Most Frequent Cause of Weather Fatalities in the US (1999-2018) by Ian Livingston
General Map of Mexico, The Edinburgh Geographical Institute, 1912.
Guatemala (including British Honduras) from a 1943 25c de Quetzal
Southampton Island 1913
Franklin 2 (6)
1903 Alaska boundary dispute
1910 GTP
Line drawing of principal forts, blockhouses, and batteries of Halifax's early defences, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Map of New Hampshire NA
Southampton Island map, 1910, BAGS
MacQueen (surname dist. map, Canada 1911 Census)
HarryPiersTheEvolutionoftheHalifaxFortress, 1749-1928
Lincoln Service map
St George Island Fl
1961 British Honduras Boundary (30249402753)
Route of the Expedition from York Factory to Cumberland House and the Summer & Winter Tracks from thence to Isle A La Crosse in 1819 & 1820 (1823)
Map of Part of the Valley of Red River North of the 49th Parallel (1858)
Sport and travel in the northland of Canada (1904) (14781484834)
An atlas of commercial geography (1913) (14781467525)
British Columbia (7557418174)
Canada and its provinces - a history of the Canadian people and their institutions by one hundred associates (1913) (14802094893)
The American Museum journal (c1900-(1918)) (17537375864)
Algonquin Provincial Park (Ontario) (1917) (14582640460)
Map of Weston, Ontario, 1919
Bulletin of the Geological Society of America (1920) (19829119323)
Graphite (1920) (14598018238)
Water supply of St. Mary and Milk Rivers, 1898-1917 (1920) (14774124504)
Annual report of the Scientific and Industrial Research Council of Alberta (1921) (14596748360)
The conservation of the wild life of Canada (1921) (14755352502)
Map of CFAD Bedford after Bedford Magazine Explosion, showing location of major craters, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1945
NWS Surface map 1998-01-06
India on the march (1922) (14780555801)
Brooklyn, Vol. 3, Double Page Plate No. 32; Part of Wards 28 and 26, Section 11; (Map bounded by Highland Blvd., Vermont St; Including Jamaica Ave. (Norman Pl.), Broadway, Granite St.); Sub Plan No. NYPL1696800
Brooklyn, Vol. 4, Double Page Plate No. 7; Part of Ward 26; Sections 12; (Map bounded by East New York Ave., Jamaica Ave., Bradford St; Including Glenmore Ave., Powell St.) NYPL1697668
Brooklyn, Vol. 4, Double Page Plate No. 8; Part of Ward 26; Sections 12 and 13; (Map bounded by Ashford St., Liberty Ave., Bradford St., Jamaica Ave; Including Miller Ave., Highland Blvd., Warwick NYPL1697669
PSM V65 D193 Distribution of the cotton boll weevil in the usa in 1903
Queens, Vol. 2, Double Page Plate No. 43; Part of Ward Two Newtown; (Map bounded by Metropolitan Ave. (Williams Burg Turnpike), Ward Boundary line between Newtown and Jamaica, Myrtle Ave., NYPL1693937
Abraham Lincoln (train) map
Queens, Vol. 2, Double Page Plate No. 6; Part of Long Island City Ward One (Part of Wards 2 and 4); (Map bounded by Jamaica Ave., North Wood Side, Middleburg Ave., Laurel Hill Ave., Madden NYPL1693900
1932 Walter M. Gaffney Map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts - Geographicus - CapeCod-gaffney-1932
C86135s1 Ant.Map Mount Blackburn
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