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2,066 Americans were asked to point out Ukraine on a map
West Russia (aka Poland, Belarus and Ukraine) - early XXth century
European countries with population smaller than Kiev - capital of Ukraine
This map superimposes the border of the Second Polish Republic on the electoral results of the elections in Ukraine and Lithuania.
Conflict in Ukraine
Percentage of people born in Ukraine in European countries. (UkranianImmigration)
Territorial evolution of Ukraine 1922–54
Majority language in Ukraine cities, towns, and villages
Rebel controlled territory in Eastern Ukraine, as of June 2016
German states with economy larger than Ukraine
Map of present-day Ukraine in 960 AD, 1362, 1739, and 2014
Map of ethnic groups in Albania, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Moldova, Montnegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine
"MAPA UKRAINI - MAP OF UKRAINE (1919)" ---- Postcard from 1919 showing territorial claims of the short-lived Ukrainian People's Republic before it's loss of Kiev and other territories to the Bolsheviks and the surrounding Powers. Kiev was taken in February of 1919, a month after this was printed
Elevation map of Ukraine
Map showing which countries recognise the Armenian Genocide and/or Holodomor (Famine-Genocide in Ukraine)
Combat situation in Ukraine as of 12 May 2017
Ukrainian percentage in the Russian Empire in 1897 .
Formation of Soviet Ukraine in 1917-1928
Ethnic composition of Transnistria - nearly a 3 way split between Moldavian/Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian
European countries with economy larger than Ukraine(Nominal GDP over 104 billion USD)
Map showing current Ukraine
2,066 Americans were asked to point out Ukraine on a map
Ukrainian presidential election 2019
East Slavic Languages ( Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Rusyn) in the Russian Empire 1897
Jews (as a percentage of the total population) in the Ukrainian SSR in 1926 .
Map of the war in Donbass
Ukraine Election 2019 map (Green -> Selenskyj, Red -> Poroshenko, Grey -> not participated in election)
Polish–Ukrainian War (1 November 1918 – 17 July 1919)
Ethnic map of Budjak, a region in southern Ukraine
Most common foreign nationality (excluding Ukraine) in Poland crospost with r/europe
Languages spoken at home in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova (2009)
European countries less populated than russian minority in Ukraine(8.3 million)
CARPATHO-UKRAINE was an autonomous region within the Second Czechoslovak Republic that declared itself independent on March 15th, 1939 only to be annexed by the Kingdom of Hungary over the next few days. Its brief independence movement was headed by self-appointed president Avgustyn Voloshyn
Partition of Ukraine as proposed by Zhirinovsky
"General Depiction of the Wild Fields in Common Parlance Ukraine, Together with its Neighboring Provinces" created 1648 by Beauplan. One of the first map of Ukraine. South-up map orientation
Russia-Ukraine Tensions (AFP)
Greater Ukraine
"Ukraine or the Cossack Land with neighboring Wallachia, Moldavia and Little Tartary" (1720)
Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Anno 1613. First cartographic mention of Ukraine.
Jews (as a percentage of the total population) in Ukrainian oblasts in 1959 .
Ukraine's total fertility rate by oblast in 1990 .
Ukraine 1742. Amplissima Ucraniae Regio.
Ethnic Russian percentage of the total population in Ukraine in 1897-1900 .
Ukrainian diaspora in Europe
Russia-Ukraine war: Donbass 2014-2018 Mine casualties
"Dismembered Russia- Some of the Fragments" February 1918 map of Russia and Ukraine before the annexation of the West Ukranian People's Republic.
Languages spoken at home in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova (2009)
National districts (rayons) of 1920s-30s Ukraine
Ukraine, 1993
Map of Ukraine from the Paris Peace Conference in 1919
Gross regional product in Ukraine 2004-2016.
"Why is so..." completed by Google top suggestions. Turkey, Cyprus, Northern Cyprus, Donetsk People's Republic, and Transnistria included.
HIV Prevalance by region, Ukraine
Ukrainian Ethnic Map in 1918. Slavic Bordergore to its fullest.
Map of port of Balaklava and route to Sevastopol 1855
Carte de ukraine 1919
2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine
2014 Russo-ukrainian-conflict map
Germans in Ukraine, 1897
Apartment blocks in Ternopil, Ukraine spelling out Soviet legacy
MH17 map-en
Russian and Ukrainian speakers in Ukraine
Ukraine Major Roads
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash site
MH17 Flight Route (en)
Liberation Kramatorsk agglomeration
Mariupol 2014-2015 en
Ukraine map provisional borders 1919
Ukr elections 2014 multimandate okruhs
Ukrainian parliamentary election, 2014
Voter turnout - Ukraine - 2014-10-26 20-00
Ukraine presidential elections 1991
Явка виборців на позачергових виборах Президента України 2014 по округах
Claimed New Russia2
Cherkasy plan 1826
General Depiction of the Empty Plains (in Common Parlance, the Ukraine) Together with its Neighboring Provinces WDL79
MH17 Flight Route (de)
MH17 map-lv
Battle of Donetsk Airport
IlovaiskBattleMap 2014 Eng
Minsk Protocol
Withdrawal from Debaltseve
Map of Ukraine (pro-Russian protests)
Map of Ukraine (pro-Ukraine protests)
Ukr elections 2014 onemandate okruhs
Виборчі округи 2014 Вибори ВРУ
Результати виборів до ВР України 2014 (Комуністична партія України)
Результати виборів до ВР України 2014 (ПАРТІЯ БЛОК ПЕТРА ПОРОШЕНКА)
Результати виборів до ВР України 2014 (Партія Сергія Тігіпка Сильна Україна)
Результати виборів до ВР України 2014 (Політична партія Всеукраїнське об’єднання Батьківщина)
Результати виборів до ВР України 2014 (Політична партія Всеукраїнське об’єднання Свобода)
Результати виборів до ВР України 2014 (Політична партія НАРОДНИЙ ФРОНТ)
Результати виборів до ВР України 2014 (Політична партія Об’єднання САМОПОМІЧ)
Результати виборів до ВР України 2014 (Політична партія Опозиційний блок)
Результати виборів до ВР України 2014 (Радикальна Партія Олега Ляшка)
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