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Ottoman map of Africa (1803)
Cairo, Egypt in the 16th century - by Ottoman cartographer Piri Reis
Ottoman Map of Madagascar (1803)
Expansion of Italian Libya -- Dark green: territories ceded by the Ottoman Empire in 1912 ; light green: territories ceded by France and Britain in 1919 and 1926 ; red: territories ceded by France and Britain in 1934-35
An Ottoman map of the Ottoman Empire (including Morocco) Early 19th Century
Ottoman and Habsburg possessions in Europe, North Africa and Middle East 1538
Ottoman Map of Africa 1803
Possessions of Ottoman and Habsburg Empires in Europe, Middle East and North Africa until 1575
Map of Egypt in the Ottoman Era drawn by the great sailor Piri Reis in 1525
Morocco, Ottoman Empire, Qajars Empire, Mughal Empire in 1798.
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