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Where I work, we let customers pin their hometown on this map.
Maps showing how fast could you travel across the U.S. in the 1800s
Isochrone map of travel times from Paris by rail in 1882
Update: Days travel from Ancient Rome
Afro-American Travel Map, 1942 - a guide for negro hotels and guest houses in the eastern USA.
Travel time by car or ferry from the geographical center of Europe
Travel time from Rome in antiquity
International Travel Risk Map
Historical travel times from New York City to the rest of the U.S. (from the 1932 Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States)
This Chinese hand-drawn pictorial travel map is devoted to the high-speed railway connecting the capital Beijing with the metropolis Shanghai (China)
Travel and Tourism % of Total Economy
Travel time in 1914 starting from London
How far you can travel from downtown in five hours
Germany, the Beautiful Travel Country
The European long-distance paths, a network of long-distance footpaths that traverse Europe.
Regions considered safe to travel to by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
World air travel map
A 2016 version of the 1914 Isochronic London/World travel times map Credit to fromrome2rio
Working on a Rome school project, Date of Conquest + Roads + Sea Travel Time from Rome
Germany: The Beautiful Travel Country (1936)
The distances you can travel on a European train in less than a day.
Foreign travel advise issued by the British government (OC)
Travel advise of countries by the French government (2 December 2016)
Travel times from London during the Steam Age. Link to source page with other interesting maps in comments.
Europe if borders were set according to travel distance to nearest capital city
Travel Time to Cities in the World
How Americans die abroad (X-post from r/travel)
Number of /r/Travel Posts About Each Country
Isochrone map - Travel time from Paris - 1882
How long it took to travel from London to the rest of the world: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3385856/What-difference-century-makes-Maps-reveal-long-takes-travel-world-1914-2016.html
You can now travel from West to East coast via states with expanded Medicaid
Travel Advisory, According to the Government of Canada
Top Desired Travel Destination For Each State Over The Last 5 Years
Number of counties you have to travel to get to a county with a population over 1,000,000
How far you could travel from London in 1881
Government of Canada travel advisories (July 2017)
US travel advisories for African countries
You can travel a straight sea route from Zeeland in the Netherlands to one of the islands of New Zealand
Map of 3 deadly diseases, their origins and historical travel routes
A map that details travel time in 1914 starting from London. Credits: Real Life Lore
Travel time to major cities: A global map of Accessibility
Roads to European Capitals - routes & boundaries based on a shortest travel time to nearest European capital, ignoring borders
ReaLifeLore's map from 1914 that details travel time if you started in London
Travel bans around the world
Countries Tintin has visited (The Adventures of Tintin)
Saudi Arabia Travel Advisory
How many counties you need to travel through to reach Canada or Mexico
The well know Global Accessibility map (Time to travel to nearest city) out in a new edition (2126*873)
French travel risk map
You actually have to travel EAST from Washington DC to reach Santiago Chile
Travel Risk Map 2017
Travel time to the nearest city in Australia
Rates of travel 1800-1930
Travel advice from the Norwegian foreign department. 2018 compared to 2015 and 2017
Best and Worst Countries for Travel for LGBT Members
A 2016 version of the 1914 Isochronic London/World travel times map Credit to fromrome2rio
Travel time by car or ferry from the geographical center of Europe
Countries the 13 indicted Russians can travel to
if you are not the richest person in the region, travel!
How far a person could travel in France from Paris in the year 1882
U.S. Areas Closed or Open to Travel by Certain Soviet Citizens as of November 11, 1957
Travel the Republic of Texas v2.0
British Foreign Office Travel Advice
French Foreign Office Travel Advice
Travel advisories issued by the US government
US travel advisories for Asian countries
Shortest travel time from any given location to European capitals
The French Governments "Travel Advisory" map
Vintage hand-drawn map of the journey of the 1340th Engineer Combat Battalion, by one of the soldiers involved, depicting their travel from Normandy Beach to the end of the war in Europe in 1945.
Travel Time to Cities in Egypt
US State Department Travel Advisories as of 8/9/18
In Poland you can travel from Rome to Paris through Venice in 46 min
The World, Drawn with 17,000+ Travel Itineraries (high-res in comments)
How far can you travel from Paris by car in 5 hours?
Travel map of Alaska shows how hard it is to get around and how remote Western Alaska is
Travel Time to Cities in Saudi Arabia
US travel advisories for North and South America
Travel Time to Rome in July
You can't travel in a straight line from Taiwan to the US West Coast without hitting land
2019 Travel Risk Map by International SOS
Travel time to the nearest city in Brazil
Apparently if you zoom out on Google Maps, you can travel to other planets!
Current Travel warnings by the German Federal Foreign Office (19/01/19)
U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level for U.S. Nationals by country (as of Feb 3, 2019)
The Eagle's travel map
33 Years of work travel (plus a few vacations!)
Countries granted visa waivers by Qatar according to new travel law
Projected high-speed rail network in China by 2020 and the travel time from Beijing
Travel Time to Cities in Australia
Israel NSC travel warnings - Terror only, per country
Travel time to cities in Great Britain and Ireland
US travel advisories for European countries
Travel Time to nearest city in the Benelux
Shortest travel times from any given location to U.S. state capitals
If you liked the world air travel map, here’s the full infographic.
Travel times from London to the rest of the world (from the Royal Geographical Society 1881)
British Travel to Work Areas
Travel Time to Cities in the Central African Republic
Travel Time to Cities in Mali
Travel times from Madrid by train
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