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1922 Topographic Map of Houston (Restored)
A Texan's Map of the United States, 1965.
1905 The Texas & Pacific Railway...
1969 map of proposed Austin freeways...emphasis on proposed
Number of Sheep and Lambs in Texas: 1930; 1974
1933 Texas State Highway Map
State of Texas Highway Map - ca. 1919
Cultural attitudes toward alcoholic beverages, Texas, 1972
Richard Pape's epic road trip from 1955, painted on the side of an Austin A90
18th congressional district of Texas (1993-1996 boundaries)
1919 Texas State Highway Map
1956 Official Texas Highway Map
The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex's light rail system in 1925
1956 Official Texas Highway Map small
Texas Precipitation Map
Every storm that has hit Texas since 1960
1932 map of Travis County TX (Houston)
Interstate 35 highlighted over 1919 Road Map of Texas
Dallas, Texas Map 1905
Dallas, Texas 1955 Yellow Book
1926 Canada-Alaska 1903 boundary-map
Map of Texas NA
002 Map 24th infantry camp; Houston, Texas, showing bullet holes in vicinity
1956 Official Texas Travel Map
Magnolia Park and Central Park subdivisions, Houston, Texas
Caddo Area Council
Ashburn's Houston City Map
Texas 15th congressional district
1926 Canada-Alaska 1903 boundary-map
NIE 1905 Texas
PSM V65 D194 Texas regions ravaged by the bollworm in 1903
U.S. Army Map Service, Paris 1954 - The University of Texas at Austin
Houston, Texas - town plan with superimposed information
U.S. Army Map Service, Paris 1944 - The University of Texas at Austin
1956 Official Texas Highway Map JPEG
Fort Worth, Texas 1955 Yellow Book
Houston, Texas 1955 Yellow Book
San Antonio, Texas 1955 Yellow Book
Beatles 64 black 2
U.S. Congressional districts in Texas, 2007-2013
1933 Texas state highway map
Austin TX 1920 map
1998 South Central Texas Flood 3
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boat parts and history
marine life photography