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1915 map of Japan, Korea & Taiwan
1919 Map of the Japanese Empire including Sakhalin Island, Korea and Taiwan - in Japanese
1942 Japanese Map of Taiwan
1935 Travelers' map of Japan : including Chosen (Korea) and Taiwan (Formosa)
The Evolution of Metros in China & Taiwan: 1990 - 2020
Taiwan's territorial claims
Consolidated Rail Map of Taiwan
A chicken anyway. Map of China and Taiwan (and South China Sea?)
Concentric Taipei MRT (Metro) Map
Tourist Map of Taiwan, 1969
Liberate Tibet, Liberate Hong Kong, Recognize Taiwan Sovereignty
How many Taiwans can you fit in Taiwan's territorial claims?
Administrative Claims and Territorial Disputes of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Exaggerated Relief Map of Eastern China, Taiwan & Korea
Recognition of the People's Republic of China vs the Republic of China (aka Taiwan) as China, through the years
China vs Taiwan: global struggle for recognition
1971 UN vote to replace the Republic of China (Taiwan's) UN seat with that of the People's Republic of China
36 Ways to Divide Taiwan
You can't travel in a straight line from Taiwan to the US West Coast without hitting land
Foreign residents in Taiwan by countries of citizenship
Distribution of Formosan languages before Chinese colonization in Taiwan
Countries that recognise Taiwan (Republic of China)
Disambiguating Taiwan, the Republic of China (ROC), and People's Republic of China (PRC) in the Taiwan Strait
Countries with territorial disputes with Taiwan
Illustrated Map of Taiwan for Tourist (1954)
Land claimed by the Republic of China (Taiwan)
China's (&Taiwan's) metro growth between 1990-2020
Most commonly used home language in Taiwan (2010)
Taiwan's territorial claims
Number of mosques by provinces in China + Hong Kong and Taiwan. Data from 2015.
Map of Taiwan (source: Taiwanese government)
One Less Country(Panama) Recognizes Taiwan: Map of Taiwan's Recognition
Taiwanese aboriginal languages prior to Chinese colonization
In 2014, a person found this island (The Province Island) on Lake Memphremagog on the boarder of the US and Canada which resembles the Island of Taiwan.
Next War: Taiwan - Board Game Map
Austronesian Languages Usage Map of Taiwan
Attacking Taiwan by Sea (Paul Huang)
Place Name Origins in Taiwan (ROC)
Urban extents of Taiwan
Distribution of the nine indigenous tribes of Taiwan
China: GDP per capita by prefecture (incl. Taiwan, in CNY, 2017)
Placenames in China, Taiwan & East Asia in Hokkien/Minnan/Southern Min
Kaohsiung, Taiwan Metro Map
Taiwan (ROC) 2018 Local Elections
3D Topographic Wood Map of Taiwan
Detailed map of the territorial claims of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
French Map of Formosa (Taiwan) 1856
Old tourist map of Taiwan
I see your Stockholm metro map and raise you with Taipei 3-rail+bus station map
Place Name Origins in Southern Taiwan
Results of 2016 Taiwan legislative election constituency seats
Place Name Origins in Northern Taiwan
Map of Taiwan and the Satsuma Daimyo (1781)
taipei metro
Railway Map of Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Manchuria (1934)
The UN vote on the recognition of The People's Republic of China over The Republic of China (Taiwan)
Taiwan #1 Asian country to legalize Same Sex Marriage ! #LoveWon (source : https://edition.cnn.com/2019/05/17/asia/taiwan-same-sex-marriage-intl/index.html)
Traditional geographic distribution of Taiwanese Aborigines
Mirroring Countries: Taiwan and Moldova (similar size and mirroring shapes)
Map of countries with diplomatic missions to Taiwan
Recognition (and recently withdrawn recognition) of Taiwan/ROC
Diplomatic Recognition of People's Republic of China vs Republic of China (Taiwan)
Placenames in China, Taiwan & East Asia in Cantonese
Taiwan Map - Woodblock print from 1878
The distribution of the Hui population in China (incl. Taiwan), based on the 2000 Census
Taiwan, probably under the Japanese
China but this time it’s Taiwan (the real china)
Visa-free​ countries:​ China vs Taiwan
Taiwanese map showing Tannu Tuva as part of Mongolia instead of Russia
Majority and minority languages of Taiwan
Central Taipei by Tom Rook
Indigenous tribes in Taiwan
Countries That do / do not / Formerly Recognise Taiwan ( ROC )
Taiwan in the 17th century, showing Dutch (magenta) and Spanish (green) possessions, and the Kingdom of Middag (orange)
Uyghur problem of China supports (red) vs opponents(green) from Taiwanese or Hong Konger source
Taiwan (Formosa) - 1905
Romanization method of county names in Taiwan
Timeline of International Recognition of the ROC (Taiwan) and PRC (China)
The distribution of the Han Chinese population in China (incl. Taiwan), based on the 2000 Census
A beautifully styled map of Taiwan from a local souvenir shop in Taipei
Map of New Taipei City
Placenames in China, Taiwan & East Asia in Shanghainese Wu
Taiwan Railway Map (1931)
Danish map of Taiwan (Formosa) from 1751
Surface-to-Air Missile Coverage over the Taiwan Strait
Taiwan fried rice. An izakaya in Ximen serves up all the rice in the shape of Taiwan.
Map of Japan and Korea from 1903 with insets of Kurile, Liu-Kiu Islands and Taiwan.
Keelung Harbor - 1945
1771 Bonne Map of Tonkin (Vietnam) China, Formosa (Taiwan) and Luzon (Philippines) - Geographicus - Formosa-bonne-1771
1781 Japanese Temmei 1 Manuscript Map of Taiwan and the Ryukyu Dominion - Geographicus - TaiwanRyukyu-unknown-1781
1865 Johnson Map of China ^ Taiwan - Geographicus - China-j-64
H1N1 Taiwan map
Railway map of the greater Taipei area
1863 "Cassell's Dispatch Atlas" Map of Taiwan - Formosa ^ the Hainan Coast of China - Geographicus - CoastofChina-dispatch-1863
1815 Thomson Map of China and Formosa (Taiwan) - Geographicus - China-t-15
1680 Map of Formosa (Taiwan), Philippines, and other South East Asia Countries by Dutch 荷蘭人所繪福爾摩沙-臺灣, 菲律賓, 與東南亞
1876 Imray Blue-back Nautical Chart or Map of Taiwan (Formosa), China - Geographicus - Taiwan-imray-1876
1895 Meiji 28 Japanese Map of Imperial Japan with Taiwan - Geographicus - ImperialJapan-meiji28-1895
1609 Map of Formosa (Taiwan) and Surrounding Countries by Portuguese
1818 Pinkerton Map of China (with Taiwan or Formosa) - Geographicus - China-pinkerton-1818
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