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1632 map of the Holy Land by the Jesuit monk Jacobus Tirinus. Oriented to the east, map depicts from Syria and Tyre southward as far as the Sinai, Egypt and Thebes
Military situation in Syria and Iraq on 11th of April 2017
Many flights reveal a major airway to avoid flying over Iraq and Syria
Ethnographic map of eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and western Persia - published 1910
Ottoman map of Syria (1803)
The unusual route taken by two Russian Tu-160 bombers on their way to Syria
Ethno-religious map of Syria
Syria and Iraq from January to December after a year of Victory
Situation in Syria, May 5th 2016
Areas of control in Syria as of October 7th, 2019
Map of current situation of the battle of Mosul (red=Iraq gov., black=ISIS)
Military situation Syria, Iraq & Kurdistan (by @LCarabinier)
Two years of Islamic State territory change in Syria and Iraq
Territory change from 1st Jan to 9th of June in Iraq and Syria
Before and After Light in Syria at Night
Military Situation in Syria and Iraq, 22 August 2017
Syria, Iraq and Islamic State territory from 1st of January to 9th of October
Breakdown of Syria as of October 11, 2019.
Current situation in Syria as of January 7th 2019
The situation in Syria as of December 17, 2017
US, France, UK strikes over Syria (preliminary)
Syria, Iraq, and Islamic State from the start of 2017 to Christmas 2018
Turkey is invading Syria now.
Syria Land Utilization in 1979
Map of ISIS territory in Syra and Iraq (in black)
Syria, Iraq, and Islamic State one year on. From January 2017 to January 2018
The Euphrates rivers in Syria delimits Assad and Kurdish territories
French Mandate of Syria and Lebanon (1920-1936)
Borders of Greater Syria according to the Syrian Socialist-Nationalist Party
Syria and Iraq 2014-onward War map
Map of current battle in East Ghouta (Damascus, Syria)
Iraq-Syrian Civil War in December 2014, compared to October 2017
The Subdistricts of Syria and who controls the most of each one
Map of martial law and ISIS-inspired rebel control in the Philippines (June 4, 2017)
State Reactions to the Syria Strikes of April 2018
Registered Syrian refugees by Province in Turkey 2018
Map of Syria (OC)
Iraq, Syria and Lebanon territorial control according to Wikipedia, January to August
Ethnic map of eastern Turkey, Syria and western Persia, 1910.
The percentages of the population of Syrian refugees in Turkey's cities
What do Iceland, Syria and New-Zealand have in common ?
Map of eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and western Persia 1910 (ethnographical)
Situation in Syria as of November 8, 2017
The Demise of Islamic State and Subdistricts of Syria
Map of current Turkish invasion in Syria
Ethnic composition of Hatay state and neighbouring lands of Syria at 1936
Departments of Syria.
Turkey/ Syria Border
A map of who controls Syria's vital Grain Silos
Asia Minor, Syria & Mesopotamia (1922) (The Times Atlas & Gazetteer of the World)
Turkish interventionism (and expansion) in Cyprus, Syria and Iraq since 1939
Turkish incursion into Northern Syria, from 9th October to Present
Map of US troops in Kurdish Occupied Syria
Geological Map of Syria
Syria Situation Report: July 27 - August 9, 2017
Placement of regime militia in Syria's northern rural Hama
Map of current rebel infightingin Idlib (Syria)
Syria Religious Composition by Subdistrict
Syria's ethnic map (as of 2018)
International reactions to the Turkish offensive in North Syria (10/10/2019)
Raqqa, Syria before (top) and after (below) capture from US backed forces
Territorial Evolution of U.S.-backed Kurdish Forces in Syria since 2015
Reactions to the Turkish offensive into north-eastern Syria
Current advances by Turkish and Syrian army in Northeast Syria
Current Military Situation in Syria. Map by McLurr
Syrian Army offensive in Southern Syria thus far
Relative difference of night light intensity in Syria/Iraq 2012/16
Syria land use 2010
Situation in Syria - Map of BBC showing the situation in Syria: the Kurds are the greens, the Syrian government the blues, the rebels and the jihadist forces that control the province of Idlib are the oranges, Turkey and its Syrian allies are the reds.
Territorial Evolution of Pro-Government Held Territory in Syria Since the Russian Intervention (2,000 x 1,654) (OC)
Syria M5 Highway
Syria, Iraq and Islamic State one year on
Map of current battle in East Ghouta (Damascus, Syria)
Western al-Bab offensive (2016) (within Northern Syria)
Map of current fighting in Afrin (Syria), Turkish operation: Olive Branch
Map of current Turkish campaign in Afrin (Syria)
Population and Settlement Map of Syria and who controls each one, Provincial Capitals labelled in Bold
Current Status of 2019 Turkish Invasion of Northern Syria 10/13
Map of Turkish operation in Afrin (Syria)
Syrian refugees in Turkey
The Density of Turkmen population in Syria
The Cantons of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria
Areas of influence in Syria's northeast
Map of Turkish-Russian agreement on Northern Syria: Turkey will maintain control over the territory it currently occupies before the US established ceasefire while Russia and the Assad government will control all the territory outside the zone of Turkish occupation along the Syrian-Turkish border.
Ethnic map of Northern Syria
Cedid Atlas (Syria) 1803
1855 Colton Map of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria - Geographicus - TurkeyIraq-colton-1855
Russian Aistrikes in Syria: June 8- August 13, 2017
So... we had this UN Security Council simulation in college, about Syria. This is what we proposed (more info in the comments)
Map of current fighting in East Ghouta (Damascus, Syria)
Map of collapse of Southern Front in Syria (Operation Basalt) from june 18 till july 12 2018
Greater Syria Ethnic Map Remade with French Based Map of 1935
Saudi Arabia and Syria weapons suppliers.(2014-2018)
Territorial changes in NE Syria during Operation Peace Spring
1849 Mitchell Map of Turkey ( Iraq, Syria, Palestine ) - Geographicus - TurkeyAsia-m-1849
Syria 2004 CIA map
Map of current fighting in East Ghouta (Damascus, Syria)
Syrian refugees in Lebanon (2016 data)
Syria and Iraq from the start of 2017 to today
Israeli and Iranian Activity in Syria - Map from Geopolitical Futures
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