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Swiss Railway Network
A partition plan for Belgium that would actually make sense
School map of Switzerland (1902) - Carte scolaire de la Suisse (1902)
Swiss border length over the West Coast is longer than the distance between Tijuana and Vancouver city centres
Map of the Abbey of St. Gall, Switzerland, 820 AD
Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands and Switzerland can easily fit into Turkey
Switzerland: 63.7% vote to adopt EU gun legislation, which includes stricter gun laws for the non-EU state in today's referendum. Switzerland used to have a more liberal gun policy in the past. The country now can remain part of the Schengen and Dublin agreement.
DNA map of Europe. Plus, what language the Swiss speak and where they are.
H1N1 Switzerland Map
Map of validity of the unlimited travel pass in Switzerland
Exploring Switzerland: Railways Map (1939)
Old swiss map for education
Switzerland with Cantons
Switzerland's regional income (in-)equality
Countries included in the Basel Convention on transboundary movements of hazardous wastes
A map of Swiss Interegional Trains
Davos, Switzerland: Made with awesome photoshop plugin
Lake Constance, Germany/Austria/Switzerland)
Borders of Turkey according to the Treaty of Sèvres (1920) which was annulled and replaced by the Treaty of Lausanne (1923) in the aftermath of the Turkish War of Independence led by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
Map of current 5g masts in Europe (wtf switzerland)
The addresses in Geneva (Switzerland) where the highest number of companies is registered
1909 map of the Gotthard Railway loop tunnels in the Alps of southern Switzerland
Half Of Switzerland Lives In These Cities
The Middle East from the Treaty of Sèvres (1920) to the Treaty of Lausanne (1923)
16th Century Map of Freiburg, Germany by Braun & Hogenburg
Dialects of autochthonous languages of Switzerland
Regional gdp per capita of Switzerland
Tabula novarum insularum, quas Diversis respectibus Occidentales & Indianas uocant. Sebastian Münster, Basel, 1554
Swiss Telegraph Network (1870)
Distribution of the Largest Foreign Nationalities in Switzerland
Map of Geneva in 1841
Swiss alps during the last Ice Age
Map used by British POW Airey Neave to escape to Switzerland in 1942
Ground plan of a Ninth century Swiss monastery
Settlements of the Swiss pastor and his family on a desert island
Map of the New World ("Die Nüw Welt") produced by Swiss cartographer Sebastian Münster in 1550.
Interlaken Hiking Map
Makes sense
Blank Switzerland
A Map of the Canton of Schaffhausen (Switzerland) from 1850
Made this map of the Canton of Schaffhausen (Switzerland). Green is for country borders, Red for Canton (State) borders and the Black outlined is as i mentioned before Schaffhausen. Germany is light Grey and the "Bodensee" is light Blue.
Foldable case map from 1820 shows bird's-eye view of Rigi Mountain, Switzerland, and the panoramic view from the top in all directions. (More info in comments.)
Zurich's Hills as Contour Lines by Raluca Nicola
Castle Density in Switzerland
Depiction of Rigi as the center of the Swiss Confederacy (Albrecht von Bonstetten, 1479)
Bern City Map 2014 Switzerland ( http://worldtravellib.com/countries/maps )
The upside down of Canton Ticino (Switzerland) is simmetric to italian boundaries
South east asia is as big as the ''stans''
Introduction of Universal Suffrage in Switzerland at the Cantonal Level
Karte Schweizer Sprachgebiete 2010
National Council of Switzerland 2011 election winner by canton
The detail of Belgium and Switzerland in the Times atlas of he world
Flag map of Switzerland
You can perfectly fit 7 countries into Turkey. (Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium and Ireland)
A map of the Takla Makan Basin in Central Asia, drawn in 1921 by the the explorer Aurel Stein and included in volume 5 of his book Serindia, describing his travels in the area
Parc des Buttes Chaumont Alphand 1867
Lerchplan 1852 Freiburg
Ballot access of Jill Stein in the 2012 US presidential election
1794 Laurie and Whittle Map of Switzerland - Geographicus - Switzerland-lauriewhittle-1794
Zofingen 1715
Karte Grossregionen der Schweiz 2010
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Almena Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Antwerp Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Arlington Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Bangor Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Bloomingdale Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Columbia Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Covert Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Decatur Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Geneva Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Hamilton Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Hartford Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Keeler Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Lawrence Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Paw Paw Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Pine Grove Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Porter Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 South Haven Township
Van Buren County Michigan 1906 Waverly Township
1752 Homann Heirs Map of Switzerland - Geographicus - Helvetia-hmhr-1753
Rapperswil-Jona Karte 1804
Karte Grossregionen der Schweiz 2011
Participants in the Geneva II Conference on Syria
Stereotypes of Switzerland
How many times per month you can afford hooker with your country's average monthly wage considering that average hooker costs €50 for half hour(€100 for Switzerland)
Baden-Baden, Germany
Proposed Roman surveying lines in Switzerland and southwest Germany
Map porn in a literal sense
Jungfrau, Bern Canton, Switzerland 1956
Karte des Zürcher Gebiets 1566 (Kantonskarte Jos Murer) - Zürich - Zentralbibliothek 2011-08-22 15-18-36
Annual report (1913) (14800929023)
Canada and its provinces - a history of the Canadian people and their institutions by one hundred associates (1913) (14802094893)
Water supply of St. Mary and Milk Rivers, 1898-1917 (1920) (14774124504)
Italy- handbook for travellers. First Part, Northern Italy and Corsica (1869) (14597169949)
Carte des isles découvertes aux environs d'Otahiti dans plusieurs voyages faits autour du monde par les capitaines Byron, Wallis, Carteret et Cook en 1765, 1767, 1769 (19386155139)
1420 Sallust de Geneve
Karte Zürich Löwe
Map of the district of Chaumont in 1805 by Reilly 715
1771 Bonne Map of Switzerland - Geographicus - Switzerland-bonne-1771
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