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The Spanish Civil War, situation on the ground in 1937. Scanned from a contemporary political atlas.[2349x2109
Most voted party in the last Catalan Regional Election (21/12/17) by municipality
Most voted party in the Spanish General Elections (28/04/2019) by municipality
Vote to the far right in yesterday's Spanish election
Yesterday's General Elections Results in Spain. Can you identify the two regions with pro-independence movements?
Provisional results of the 2019 European parliamentary election in Spain by municipality (see more maps @ www.milosp.info)
Spanish 2016 general election map by provinces
Spanish General Election, 1936
Spanish elections results in every province
Re-upload. The reds are the labor party (left wing) and the blues are the right wing. The spanish elections map
Constituency map of the upcoming 2019 Spanish General Election
Congressional seats by province in 2019 Spanish election (source: Wikipedia)
Seats by province in last Sunday's Spanish general election
Plano del Archipielago de Clayocuat 1791
Vote to Vox (far right) by province in the 2019 Spanish general election
Spanish General Elections, April 2019, PSOE results by provinces
Political map of Mexico in Spanish
Spanish General Elections (10/11/2019). Most voted party by municipality
Spanish General Elections (% of Votes and Increase by Provinces (VOX))
Vox (2014 european elections in Spain)
Map of Tabarnia (political movement in Spain)
Spanish General Elections (% of Votes and Increase by Provinces (PSOE))
Spanish General Elections (% of Votes and Increase by Provinces (Podemos (Political Party = far left))
19th Century map of Spain showing its political divisions
The results of the Spanish elections. The blue are the right party and the red are the left party.
Spanish General Elections (% of Votes and Increase by Provinces (PP))
Spanish provinces general election 2008
Spanish autonomous communities election, 2011 results
Andalusian Parliament Elections 2012
Podemos (2014 european elections in Spain)
A Map of Europe - 1852
Election Map Catalonia 2015
Cartogram of the Spanish Congress of Deputies election, 2016
Spanish general election 2016 (by autonomous community)
Spanish general election 2016 (by province)
Spanish general election, 2016 (provinces)
Spanish general election, 2016
Andalusian Parliament Elections 2000
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