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Korean world map centered on the legendary Mount Meru in Central Asia - mid 4th century
A Korean Pacific-centric map of the world
Countries with about the same population as South Korea
2017 South Korean presidential election results
Korean War 1950-1953
Fragments of historical alleyways in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul: once an urban fabric, the small streets are now disconnected by urban renewal.
Cheonhado (literally "map of the world beneath the heavens") included in a Korean woodblock Atlas on rice paper probably late 18th or 19th century
2012 South Korean presidential election results. Red is the more conservative candidate (and winner) Park Geun-hye, green is more liberal Moon Jae-in
The Republic of Ireland fits perfectly into South Korea
This map showing North Korean missile flightpaths over Canada is a great example of using a relevant map projection.
Korean War 1950-1953
3-tone 'figure-ground' to show buildings and pedestrian alleyways around Seoul's Seun Arcade - description in comments
Literal translations of South Korean city names
2018 Olympic Torch Relay Route, PyeongChang South Korea
Planned Inter-Korean Railway Map (2018)
Seoul figure-ground map 2016
Physical map of the Korean Peninsula with roads and cities. Produced by the Map Publishing House, Pyongyang, North Korea, 1986
Participants in the Korean War
The Korean Empire at its peak (1897-1910) (550 × 550)
North Korean - Chinese border on Chinese Google Maps.
Land Cover of Japan and the Korean Peninsula
Naver Maps, a popular map service in South Korea has a mountain on top of the location of US military hq in Seoul
Number of South Korean Presidents born in each region
Korean peninsula compared to the Balkans
Map of Korean Peninsula, Purchased in North Korea - Showing Unified Country with Pyongyang as Capital, Seoul as a "Provincial Capital"
South Korea's size compared to that of Texas
North Korean map of North America
Economic comparison of North and South Korea, 1968
The South Korean Air Force and its basing
Countries involved in the Korean War
Korean Presidential Elections (1992-2017)
Light pollution of North and South Korea
Tree Cover Density of the Korean Peninsula
The 16th century Japanese “Map of the Great Ming”, Based on the Korean 1402 Kangnido World Map. it reflects the geographic knowledge of China during the Mongol Empire when geographical information about Western countries became available via Islamic geographers.
The Korean diaspora
Map of unified Korea with Pyongyang as the capital. Taken at North Korean junior high school in Japan.
South Korea is a country with a very high population density
United Nations Offensive, Korean War. September 15-26, 1950
Dialects of the Korean language
Numbers of Korean-owned businesses destroyed, damaged, or looted during the 1992 Los Angeles riots
Korean Diaspora
Scandinavia GDP and South Korea region GDP
The Korean Peninsula in middle of the 38th parallel line over the Mediterranean sea.
South Korea's 5th Presidential election Result (1963.10.15)
Last week in South Korea, the pollution was really bad. This week the wind was strong. The pollution being blown away can clearly be seen in this visualization.
Countries with a combined GDP less than that of South Korea
The Korean War Armistice was signed July 27, 1953. Here's a map showing aerial bombings during the war.
Visa requirements for South Korean citizens
Seoul Metropolitan Subway Map by Jug Cerovic
United Forces Command (UNC), Troop Strengths in Korean War.
Seoul Metropolitan Subway (1974~2018, As of January 1)
The Korean Diaspora (2017!)
Chinese provinces with GDP PPP larger than South Korea $2.0 trillion
Phases of the Korean War 1950-1953
2016 Parliamentary Election in South Korea, Real Map vs Winner Cartogram
The world drawn by a 15 year old Korean girl
Saw a map today in a classroom that interestingly had the North Korean flag as the representative flag of Korean time.
South Korean local elections, 2018
Map Showing North Korea's Artillery Reach Compared to South Korea's Population
South Korea's Local Election result (2018.6.13)
Average temperature in January, on Korean peninsula and Japan
Seoul, Japanese Occupied Korea (1910)
Hokkaido, the most northerly of the four main islands of Japan compared to the size of South Korea.
seoul metropolitan area subway map
Korean Peninsula (Japanese Map - 1929)
Yangcheon district, Seoul really looks like dog.
Korean dmz map
A Part of Daedongyeojido to show incheon
Gongju 1872
DMZ units
1987 Korean Peninsula (30849054666)
1997 Korean Airlines Flight (30849142566)
Taiwan Fits Snuggly Into South Korea With Helluva Spare Space To Dance Around It
Night lights of South Korea
South Korea divided into two sections of equal population. Colored vs Uncolored
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boat parts and history
marine life photography