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Uruguay, 1884. Includes maps and pictures of Montevideo, President Máximo Santos and his ministers.
Chili, La Plata and Uruguay (1846)
FIGUEIRA(1892) Mapa etnografĂ­co de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay
1862 Johnson Map of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina - Geographicus - Brazil-johnson-1862
Mapa De La Republica Argentina y de las Republicas Oriental Del Uruguay, Paraguay y Chile 1868
Karte von La Plata Chili Paraguay Uruguay und Patagonien Platt 1848
Map of Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay; Harbor of Rio Janeiro (inset); Harbor of Bahia (inset); Map of Chili; Island of Juan Fernandez (inset). NYPL1510826
1846 Burroughs - Mitchell Map of Argentina, Uruguay, Chili in South America - Geographicus - LaPlata-m-1946
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