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A map produced by the US Southern Command shows the main drug-smuggling routes in Latin America connecting Colombia and Ecuador with Guatemala and Mexico (Business Insider, 9/14/17).
Cartagena, Colombia (1768)
Armenia, Colombia is right next to Montenegro, Colombia
Armenia, Colombia is right next to Montenegro, Colombia
Helping a friend to check the effluents streams of the Magdalena river in Colombia. 1,528 kilometres in length. Trying out the TomTom Maps APIs.
Mapa del Territorio de San Martín (1865)
Mapa del Estado de Bolívar (1865)
Mapa del Estado del Magdalena (1865)
1855 Colton Map of Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador - Geographicus - VenezuelaColumbia-colton-1855
Presidencias de Santafé y Quito
Colombia - Bolívar (1886)
Colombia - Magdalena (1886)
Colombia y Ecuador (1890)
1860 Mitchell's Map of Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Columbia and Argentina - Geographicus - Peru-m-63
Provincias de la Nueva Granada 1851
1818 Pinkerton Map of Northwestern South America (Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama) - Geographicus - NewGranada-pinkerton-1818
Colombia - Cartagena (1908)
Colombia - Santa Marta (1908)
Colombia - Santa Rosa (1908)
Colombia - Putumayo (1912)
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