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The red area has 2/3 of Suriname's population
Population Density of South America
Chile divided into three regions of nearly equal population (credit to /u/locoluis for originally making this map)
Brazil redrawn as 27 states with equal population
Population Density of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Brazil redrawn as 20 states with equal population (2978 × 2464)
The population density of the municipality of São Paulo, Brazil; both colored areas have the same population.
Chile divided into four areas of equal population
Brazil's population density in square kilometers
Proportion of population aged 65 and over in South America
Indigenous population of Colombia by municipality
Increase in Evangelicalism in Brazil according to the census of 2000 and 2010
Brazil - 4 Areas of Equal Population
Population Map - Brazil
The population of each states in Brazil
South American countries by robbery rate (per 100,000 population) (2015)
Brazil split into four areas of approximately the same population
Leading Ethnicity in Ecuador according to the 2010 census
Population density of Paraguay (2010)
Largest foreign born populations in Santiago, Chile by borough (Census 2017)
Population Density of South America with U.S. Equivalents
European-born population in Argentina in 1914 .
Population density in Brazil.
Structure of the population of Argentina by province
Argentina divided into 24 areas of equal population (1.7M each)
Comparing the population sizes of countries in Latin America (except Caribbean) with those in Europe
Argentina divided into 4 regions. Each region indicates where 1/4 of the population lives. (Census 2010)
Distribution of foreign-born population in Argentina (2010).
Area and population density between Argentina and European countries (1979)
Population growth of Brazil by state
Percentage of adult population considered to be obsese in South America
Latin America, population density, absolute amount of 1.5 million
Population cartogram of South America
Brazil redrawn as 27 states of equal population
Percent Black (Preto) in Brazil by state, from the 2009 census
Brazil: demographic density, municipal population and area of municipalities
Percentage of population of a country subscribed to its subreddit, for Latin America.
Largest foreign population by municipalities in Venezuela (2011)
Top 10 countries in Latin America by core Jewish population
3D South America Population Density Map
Guyana Regions - population density, total population & forest cover
Top 10 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean by Chinese population
Brazil's population is projected to decline by 2047. Here is a map of projected decline by state.
Predominant population descendant in Brazil
Foreign population living in Chile by December 31th, 2018
Paraguay population density
More than half of the population of Argentina lives in the Blue regions.
Santa Catarina, Brazil cities population
Distribution of the Chinese population in Argentina per province
50% of Brazil's population lives in the blue shaded region
Guyana population density
Argentina provinces by population 2010
Population density of the Coquimbo Region, Chile
This heat map reflects the global diversity of ingredients in cuisine, with dark red being the most diverse. Countries with big immigrant populations like the U.S., Argentina, and Australia tend to have the greatest diversity.
More peoples in Brazil live east of this line, 79% of the population ( 167 million)
Population Density of Bolivia (2012)
Colombia departments by population 2013
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