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1857 map of the United States, Mexico, Central America and northern South America
Dutch map from 'De Surinamerivier'1877 (River of Suriname)
1814 Arrowsmith Map of South America
1860 map of the Southern Cone of South America
Map of British Guiana, South America, including Information about the Location of El Dorado (1832)
1818 Pinkerton Map of Peru
1865 Physical Map of South America
North and South America, 1828
Disputed territories between Chile and Argentina between 1881 and 1902 and its resolution
Extremely detailed 1807 map of South America
Map of South America during 1821
Colombia at its territorial peak (1830)
South America in 1880
Gran Colombia (1822-1830)
Empire of Brazil at its largest territorial peak, 1828
Gran Colombia (1826)
1851 Map of Brazil by the British Cartographer John Tallis
Bolivia (1885)
1876 Map of Brazil Provincial Railroads.
Uruguay, 1884. Includes maps and pictures of Montevideo, President Máximo Santos and his ministers.
Gran Colombia and its departments (1824)
Argentina-Chile boundary in Patagonia: Chilean equidistant proposal 1872 vs British Arbitration Award 1902
The United Provinces of the River Plate (Argentina) in 1820/21
Colombia & Guayana (1831)
Gran Colombia territorial subdivisions (1824)
Republic of Argentina (1885)
Venezuela en 1810
1855 Colton Map of Brazil and Guyana
Map of the Empire of Brazil immediately after independence. Cisplatina would become Uruguai in 1828 and that straight line in the north would result in border disputes with Bolivia that resulted in the annexation of Acre.
Gran Colombia map 1824
Gran Colombia map
Railway system of Argentina (1889), from Kraft Guide
Imperio Do Brazil - 1822
Map of South America 1826
1852 map of the French Colonies in America, including French Guyana, Newfoundland, Miquelon and St. Pierre, and St. Martin
Chili, La Plata and Uruguay (1846)
Rutas de los conquistadores de Colombia
Paraguay before the War of Triple Alliance also known as the Great War (1864-1870)
Ecuador, New Granada, Venezuela, and Guiana (circa 1856)
Province of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1860)
Provincia de Guayana Cantón Piacoa
Mendoza, Argentina 1889
Neutral Municipality, Brazil (1880)
The Portuguese Empire at its peak, in 1815, with Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) as capital
Neuquén, Argentina (1888)
🗺️ Map of Argentina 🇦🇷 made by Seelstrang and Tourmente engineers, by the order of the Argentine Central Committee, for the Centennial International Exhibition. Buenos Aires, 1875.
Mapa del Territorio de San Martín (1865)
Gran Colombia 1820, guerras de independencia 1821-23
Mapa de Colombia (1890)
Virreinato de Santafé y Capitanía General de Venezuela
Colombia - Cundinamarca (1886)
1864 Mitchell Map of Brazil, Bolivia and Chili - Geographicus - SouthAmericaSouth-mitchell-1864
Change of Chile frontier border in the Occupation of the Araucanía - 1870
Mapa de Venezuela, N. Granada y Quito, 1821
Mapa politico de Venezuela 1840 restored version
Provincia Barcelona
Provincia de Guayana Cantón Upata
Cordoba, Argentina circa 1873
Argentina. by Mariano Felipe Paz Soldán. Date : 1888
G.P.H. Zimmerman - Kaart van Suriname (1877)
Peru and Bolivia (2674939107)
Tarapaca peru 1851
Mapa del Estado de Antioquia (1865)
Mapa del Estado de Bolívar (1865)
Mapa del Estado de Cundinamarca (1865)
Mapa del Estado de Panamá (1865)
Mapa del Estado de Santander (1865)
Mapa del Estado del Cauca (1865)
Mapa del Estado del Magdalena (1865)
1850 Mitchell Map of Brazil, Paraguay and Guiana - Geographicus - Brazil-m-1849
Mapa del Territorio del Caquetá (1865)
1855 Colton Map of Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador - Geographicus - VenezuelaColumbia-colton-1855
Divisiones coloniales de Tierra Firme 1538
Guerras de independencia en Colombia 1806-14
Plano de Bogotá 1890
Presidencias de Santafé y Quito
Colombia - Antioquia (1886)
Colombia - Bolívar (1886)
Colombia - Boyacá (1886)
Colombia - Magdalena (1886)
Colombia - Panamá (1886)
Colombia - Santander (1886)
Colombia - Tolima (1886)
1818 Pinkerton Map of Northeastern South America (Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam) - Geographicus - Caracas-pinkerton-1818
Provincia Apure
Provincia Barinas
Provincia Carabobo
Provincia Caracas
Provincia Coro
Provincia Cumana
Provincia de Guayana Cantón Angostura
Provincia de Guayana Cantón Caycara
Provincia de Guayana Cantón Rionegro
Provincia Maracaibo
Provincia Margarita
Provincia Trujillo
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