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Countries with politicians, public officials, or close associates named in the leak on 5 November 2017(Paradise Papers)
Pre-Columbian Aztec Migration, a 250 year process. This unusual map, drawn by Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri in 1704, is the first published representation of the legendary Aztec migration from Aztlan, a mysterious paradise in northwest Mexico, to Chapultepec Hill, now Mexico City.
Isla Culebra, situated off the Eastern coast of Puerto Rico, a Pirates Paradise
Wallace's Line - represents a biogeographical transition from more Asiatic species (tigers, monkeys) in the west, and Australian species (marsupials, birds of paradise) in the east
3D Printed Model of Mt. Rainier at Paradise in Mount Rainier National Park
All of the business burned down during the California “Camp Wildfire” recreated in map form for the little town of Paradise.
Satellite pic of the Camp Fire that torched Paradise California - You can see the road grid of the town within the flames
Found this old map of Mexico in a surf shop in Newport CA. Sorry for the awful angle.
Pierre Mortier - Map of the location of the earthly paradise, and of the country inhabited by the patriarchs, laid out for the better understanding of sacred history (1700)
1700 Map of Syria, Armenia and Caspian Sea
H.F. Walling’s 1850 Newport County, Rhode Island
Newport News 1800 map imageCA8Q5H1A
Newport Tithe Map
Newport, Rhode Island (2675917740)
A plan of the town of Newport in the province of Rhode Island (3045701765)
1833 School Girl Manuscript Wall Map of the World on Hemisphere Projection (Marcia Rounds of Newport - Geographicus - World-rounds-1833
Map of the town of Canaan N.H. Grafton Co. (6093625017)
Ordnance Survey Drawings - Newport (OSD 70)
1657 Visscher Map of the Holy Land or the "Earthly Paradise" - Geographicus - Gelengentheyt-visscher-1657
1855 Colton map of Persia ^ Arabia ( Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel and Afghanistan ) - Geographicus - PersiaArabia-c-55
Paradise or the Garden of Eden With the Countries circumjacent Inhabited by the Patriarchs, Joseph Moxon 1660
Ordnance Survey Drawings - Newport, Telford and Wrekin (OSD 208)
Newport Tithe a1
Ordnance Survey Drawings - Newport, Newport (Casnewydd) (OSD 176)
Newport Tithe a2
Newport Tithe a3
Newport Tithe b1
Newport Tithe b2
A map of part of Rhode Island shewing the positions of the American and British armies at the Siege of Newport, and the subsequent action on the 29th of August 1778 (7537855278)
Newport Tithe b3
Newport Tithe c1
Newport Tithe c2
Newport Tithe c3
1898 Walker Trolley Map and View of New England centered on Boston - Geographicus - NewEngland-walker-1908
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