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Found in a store at Cape May. It’s a wood carving of the British Isles and the surrounding areas.
Road Surface maps of Tokyo and London laser-engraved on leather notebooks. Found it in DC antiques store and thought it was cool to share!
2013 Boston Marathon bombings map
James T. Hawley, Sturgeon Point, Evans Township, Erie County.; Residence and Store of J. L. Getzville, Town of Amherst, N.Y.; Derby Fruit Farm, Res. M. W. Clark, Derby P.O. Erie Co., N.Y.; Res. of NYPL1584555
Cider Mill Res. of and Store of E. J. Markham, Elma, N.Y.; Res. of Cypus Hurd, Town of Elma, Erie Co., N.Y.; Res. of J. B. Briggs, Esq., Elma, Erie Co., N.Y.; Willow Dale Observatory, W. S. Van Duzee, NYPL1584560
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