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This border between Croatia and Slovenia. Why
Partition of Verdun 843AD over modern Europe
Human Development Index of the world's countries compared to Slovenia
Map of ethnic groups in Albania, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Moldova, Montnegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine
Relief map of Slovenia
US states and European countries with lower human development index(HDI) than Slovenia
Here at a liquor store in Sweden they put up a tapestry of the world to represent where the liquor originates from. Poor new Zealand
Snow coverage in Slovenia on Christmas morning (1961 - 2014), x-post from r/Europe
Slovenians in Slovenia (1981)
Nazifascist massacres in Italy (some in Croatia and Slovenia) 1943-1945
Firearms (registered and unregistered) in the Ex-Yugoslav states (minus Slovenia) and Albania in 2012
Muncipalities of Slovenia by population
Administrative units (58) and municipalities (212) of Slovenia
Percent of Beech trees in forests of Slovenia
Slovenia’s only subway system - Postojna Cave
This border between Croatia (blue) and Slovenia (green). Map by Rainman, from Wikipedia Commons
Road Map of Slovenia
Railway map of Slovenia
Mean air temperature in January, Slovenia
Map of Slovenia (sorry for bad map)
Map of Slovenia and the things that are famous in every region.
Greater Slovenia
Tree cover map of Slovenia 68%~Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat. Retrieved 2012-08-19.
Travel time to a big box store in Finland
Mediterranean Rail Freight Corridor - RFC 6 - Connecting Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. With connections to other corridors.
Tourism in Slovenia in 2016 (Statistical regions)
Amber Rail Freight Corridor - In 2019 opened rail corridor connecting Port of Koper with Hungary, Slovakia and Poland - various connections to Austria, Belarus and Serbia.
Regionalisation of Slovenia, 2019
Ethnic map of Slovenia according to the 1981 population census
Mass concealed graves of slain soldiers/civilians at the hands of the communist movement in Slovenia after 1944 (see more maps @ www.milosp.info)
Countries with a higher IHDI than Slovenia
Map showing situation in Europe & Near East, July 1916 during Verdun, Somme and Brusilov offensive
Slovenia back in the day
Hedmarkens amt nr 3 vest- Situations Carte; Aamodt; Store Elvealen; Løiten; Vang Ringsager; vest og øst, Storelvdal, 1736
Hedmarkens amt nr 3 øst- Situations Carte; Aamodt; Store Elvealen; Løiten; Vang Ringsager; vest og øst, Storelvdal, 1736
Søndre Bergenhus amt nr 12- Afridsing over det store Hardangerfjeld, 1840
1695 map of Verdun
Map of Slovenia cca 1910
Maps that hurt - Since When Slovenia is Landlocked?
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography