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A.J. Inloes and Co.'s Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Drug and Store and Homoeopathic Pharmacy. 44-46 Court Street, Binghamton, N.Y; Excelsior Carriage Works Milks and Watson, Manufacturers of the NYPL1575985
Store and res. of F.A. Potter, Dealer in Country Produce, Killawog, Broome Co., N.Y; Res. of E.Johnson, Killawog, Broome Co., N.Y; Lisle Academy and Union School. NYPL1576008
Saymensky kanal (1) 1905
Saymensky kanal (2) 1905
De karolingska rikena efter delningen i verdun 843
Katastrska mapa k.o. Celje, 1825
L Isola di Sicilia divisa nelle sue valli (5375433151)
1695 map of Verdun
Načrt mesta Maribor 1904
Načrt za Kadetnico Maribor
Springfield Store. Tn. of Jamaica, Queens Co. - Willow Tree Station. Town of Jamaica, Queens Co. - Inglewood or Queens. Town of Hempstead, Queens Co. NYPL1527300
Grist Mill and Miller's Residence , Turbine - Water Wheels - Undershot, Paint Shop Store Houses, Barn and Rear of Factory; Saw Mill, J. Schoepflin and Sons Factory and Machine Shop, Gardenville town NYPL1584552
Ujsoly und Stara-Bistrica. NYPL1226399
Mappa isola d'Elba (1870)
Tilemann Stella Elbe-Ostsee-Kanal 1576
"Citta Fortezza et Isola D'Ischia" (22289047161)
Radovljica franciscejski kataster
Spezialkarte der Österreichisch-ungarischen Monarchie - Pettau und Vinica 1914
Načrt mesta Ljubljana 1924
Spezialkarte der Österreichisch-ungarischen Monarchie - Pettau und Vinica 1927
Map of Slovenia cca 1910
Načrt mesta Ljubljana 1910
Slatina und Vocin. NYPL1226851
Spezialkarte der Österreichisch-ungarischen Monarchie - Mozirje 1910
Panamskij kanal
Spezialkarte der Österreichisch-ungarischen Monarchie - Pettau und Vinica 1911
A gigantic map showing Domino's pizza's global empire (marking the 200th store in China and 10000th in the world!)
Maps that hurt - Since When Slovenia is Landlocked?
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boat parts and history
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