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Found this interesting map at a thrift store. No clue what it is.
Original Coronelli map of Eastern China from 1690 found at a thrift store
I found this in a book store in Dublin, bought it instantly
Bar to grocery store ratio (1484 × 997)
This border between Croatia and Slovenia. Why
Top Rated Convenience Store by State, 2016-2017
Which fast food chain gets the most visits / store (not necessarily the most stores)
If the Treaty of Verdun happened today
Great old globe found in a thrift store in Asbury Park, NJ
Human Development Index of the world's countries compared to Slovenia
Isola di Capri
Not sure if this belongs here but Best Buy on Google Maps shows where products are located within that store
Map of ethnic groups in Albania, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Moldova, Montnegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine
Relief map of Slovenia
US states and European countries with lower human development index(HDI) than Slovenia
Treaty of Verdun (843)
I found this map in the local used book store: German map of Africa from 1937. It is rough shape, but I would love to have it mounted to hang on my wall - Album incomments
Here at a liquor store in Sweden they put up a tapestry of the world to represent where the liquor originates from. Poor new Zealand
Map of battle of Verdun (1916) looks like map of battle of Mosul (2016)
Treaty of Verdun (843)
Snow coverage in Slovenia on Christmas morning (1961 - 2014), x-post from r/Europe
Slovenians in Slovenia (1981)
Number of Persons per Wal-Mart Store by State
Nazifascist massacres in Italy (some in Croatia and Slovenia) 1943-1945
Firearms (registered and unregistered) in the Ex-Yugoslav states (minus Slovenia) and Albania in 2012
Muncipalities of Slovenia by population
Administrative units (58) and municipalities (212) of Slovenia
U.S. Counties that have at least 1 Apple Store
Percent of Beech trees in forests of Slovenia
Slovenia’s only subway system - Postojna Cave
This border between Croatia (blue) and Slovenia (green). Map by Rainman, from Wikipedia Commons
Road Map of Slovenia
Thrift store find for $9
List of countries where Mcdonald's opened its first store before 1980 (Yellow Color).
Railway map of Slovenia
Mean air temperature in January, Slovenia
Most popular grocery store chain in each state (Excluding Walmart)
Map of Slovenia (sorry for bad map)
Counties where you the Wawa convenience store Operate. r/wawa
Map of Slovenia and the things that are famous in every region.
Greater Slovenia
Tree cover map of Slovenia 68%~Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat. Retrieved 2012-08-19.
Travel time to a big box store in Finland
Found in a store at Cape May. It’s a wood carving of the British Isles and the surrounding areas.
Which regional specialty convenience store is most dominant in Maryland counties
Map in general store has an independent Vojvodina.
Treaty of Verdun (843), a better map, from Catalan wikipedia
Road Surface maps of Tokyo and London laser-engraved on leather notebooks. Found it in DC antiques store and thought it was cool to share!
Google Play Store Merchant Registration availability as of 08/2018 data via https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/table/3539140
found this globe at a thrift store a while back, only now just started to wonder what time period it represents, any help would be much appreciated
Regionalisation of Slovenia, 2019
Isola è Regno di Sardegna. Soggetta al Re di Spagna. Descritta dal P. Maestro Coronelli Cosmografo della Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia. Dedicata al Padre Reverendiss. Cloche Maestro Generale dell'Ordine dè Predicatori
Mass concealed graves of slain soldiers/civilians at the hands of the communist movement in Slovenia after 1944 (see more maps @ www.milosp.info)
US states by people per Walmart store
A map of Verdun from a WW1 book from 1919.
2013 Boston Marathon bombings map
Countries with a higher IHDI than Slovenia
States with a Costco warehouse store (states in red = have at least one Costco)
Map showing situation in Europe & Near East, July 1916 during Verdun, Somme and Brusilov offensive
Karte und Höhenprofil Ludwig Kanal
1916 postcard of Ljubljana map
Treaty of Verdun 843 by Léon Mirot (1947)
Interior View of S. B. Thomson's General Store, " The Regulator, " 134 feet deep by 32 feet wide. East Aurora, N.Y.; Residence and Farm of Mr. S. Griggs, Aurora, N.Y.; Residence and Mills of L. NYPL1584569
James T. Hawley, Sturgeon Point, Evans Township, Erie County.; Residence and Store of J. L. Getzville, Town of Amherst, N.Y.; Derby Fruit Farm, Res. M. W. Clark, Derby P.O. Erie Co., N.Y.; Res. of NYPL1584555
Gorenje Blato FK
Hedmarkens amt nr 3 vest- Situations Carte; Aamodt; Store Elvealen; Løiten; Vang Ringsager; vest og øst, Storelvdal, 1736
Hedmarkens amt nr 3 øst- Situations Carte; Aamodt; Store Elvealen; Løiten; Vang Ringsager; vest og øst, Storelvdal, 1736
Isola Cuba (8643348138)
Jakob van Deventer 1580
Lendava 1864
"Elba Isola, olim Ilva" (22066373868)
Res. of Mrs. Jane Grant, Greene N.Y; The Juliano Bank. Russell and Juliano, Bankers, Greene, N.Y; Residence and Store of C.F.G. Cunningham, Greene, N.Y. NYPL1576065
Søndre Bergenhus amt nr 12- Afridsing over det store Hardangerfjeld, 1840
Zgodovinsky Arhiv Celje 2015
Map of Ljubljana 1877
Residence of Hon. Burt Chaffee, Springville, N.Y.; Residence of E. D. Bement No.55 Main St. Springville N.Y.; Residence of Mr. S. Blood, Marilla, N.Y.; Furnture Flour and Feed, Store., NYPL1584573
Residence of Ira C. Woodward.; Woodward and Churchill's General Store, Boston, Erie County, N.Y.; Residence of Amos Freeman, Town of East Hamburg, Erie County, N.Y.; Residence of Wolfgang NYPL1584586
Spezialkarte der Österreichisch-ungarischen Monarchie - Pettau und Vinica 1900
Residence of Mrs. A. K. Dart, Hamburg.; Residence of S. H. Allen East Elma, N.Y. Residence of E. S. Allen.; Farmers' Hotel Hamburg, N.Y. Grocery and Provision Store. John Kloepfer, NYPL1584564
William L. Bamber's Marble and Granite Works 30, 32, and 34 Willis St. Paterson, N.J.; Residence of John O' Nell, 200 Vanhouten Street, Paterson, N.J.; Boot and Shoe Store of John O' Nell, 122 NYPL1602550
Verdun 1866 nord
Verdun 1866
Spezialkarte der Österreichisch-ungarischen Monarchie - Mozirje 1880
Res. of George Dusenbury, Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y; Dusenbury's Store, Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y; Factory of Coburn Whip Company, Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y; A.W. Coburn; Res. Of A.W. Coburn, NYPL1576043
Združen franciscejski kataster Budanj in Dolge Poljane
Residence of F.D.Gridley, M.D. Whitney's Point, Broome Co., N.Y; Residence and Store of G.H. Daniels, Dealers in Watches, Clocks and Jewelry etc Beach House, Whitney's Point, Broome Co., N.Y. NYPL1576000
Residence of Ranson Howland. First President of Whitney's Point, Broome Co., N.Y; Store and Res. of John Johnson, Dealer in Hardware, Stoves Tinware, Glassware, Cutlery Farming Implements and NYPL1575999
Buffalo Fertilizer Works, Babook Street, East Buffalo.; Iron Sleigh Runners; Hardware Store Tin Shop and Residence of Joseph Kronenberg, N.Y.; Res. of John Eshelman; Res. of A. G. Eshelman; Res. of NYPL1584528
Kart over Nordsjøen og den Engelske kanal
Cider Mill Res. of and Store of E. J. Markham, Elma, N.Y.; Res. of Cypus Hurd, Town of Elma, Erie Co., N.Y.; Res. of J. B. Briggs, Esq., Elma, Erie Co., N.Y.; Willow Dale Observatory, W. S. Van Duzee, NYPL1584560
A.J. Inloes and Co.'s Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Drug and Store and Homoeopathic Pharmacy. 44-46 Court Street, Binghamton, N.Y; Excelsior Carriage Works Milks and Watson, Manufacturers of the NYPL1575985
Store and res. of F.A. Potter, Dealer in Country Produce, Killawog, Broome Co., N.Y; Res. of E.Johnson, Killawog, Broome Co., N.Y; Lisle Academy and Union School. NYPL1576008
Saymensky kanal (1) 1905
Saymensky kanal (2) 1905
De karolingska rikena efter delningen i verdun 843
Katastrska mapa k.o. Celje, 1825
L Isola di Sicilia divisa nelle sue valli (5375433151)
1695 map of Verdun
Načrt mesta Maribor 1904
Načrt za Kadetnico Maribor
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